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RSS Cherrylatae

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1 point

i do believe that prostitution is wrong but who are you to tell or decide for someone else on what they should do and how they should treat their bodies? its their body and if they want to do that well that is their problem. i don't want prostitution to be legal but my opinion on it is that it might as well be legal because it's happening anyway whether on the streets a house hold or in a business. If the prostitute is over the age of 18 then leave them alone theyre old enough to make their own decisions they know right from wrong we need to be focused on the child prostitutes if more than anything but to try and say or tell a person what to do with their body is out the question you don't own them so don't speak as if you do

1 point

oops mii bad.......but still O.o that was a lil kreepy....just a tad

1 point

O.o ....... im not sure how to respond to need ta get layed......quickly O_O

3 points

nobody has the right to decide how a homosexual should be treated. Gay or not they are still human beings like the rest of the people in the world and deserve to be treated the same and not be questioned. It's not your problem or your business.

1 point

Killing an animal for no reason what so ever is murder but if there is a reason like to survive as in eat then that's not murder. We eat meat to survive and yes we do have the capability to eat vegatables and plants but either way its the same bc if yuh think about it vegatables and plants are also living things. they grow and they live and then we kut them from their roots and they die. So is that murder? Bc thats pretty much the same thing if you think about it.

1 point

ok.. so basically you would take a humans life over a mosquito's or a chicken's? Thats what it sounds like. First of all humans are superior to mosquitos and/or chickens. Humans need to survive on this earth so sometimes you gotta take an animals life. Are you a vegetarian? How does taking a human life compare to that? How kould you kompare a human to a mosquitos?? We all deserve ta be here as humans so you would basically kill an unborn baby and not feel bad?

1 point

I am against abortion all the way. Nothing will ever change that. Abortion in my eyes, not saying it as in a literal defense, is liek murder bc you are basically taking an infants life bc of your poor choice. It's like you made this bad decision and you dont want to pay the consequences and take it out on the life of that infant baby. Don't take what you cant give :( . You can take a cookie or something from somebody and give them one back but you cant give nobody a life so dont take it. if you cant be responsible or face your consequences either wear the protection that was made to prevent that to the fullest it can or else wait until you're responsible enough or can handle what's coming. i mean if you dont want the baby atleast put it up for adoption :'(

1 point

yeah, post a pic. i heard your real sweet but in need of a pic ma.

2 points

it is that persons choice or their families choice to have their loved one cremated. size has nothing to do with it. size is not a limit. heavier people have just the same amount of will to be buried as skinnier people so that basically is a stereotype and a horrible judgement.Who are you to say they take up to much room? That is none of your business! i'm sure there are plenty of other places to bury a loved one than the spot you are gazing at where a more hefty deceased person lay in peace.

2 points

Solitare:)! i play solitare all the time. sometimes online checkers but mostly solitare.

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About Me

"To say the least, a hard nut to crack. Dont really care what ppl think just as long as my point is seen im happy:) love me or hate me youll never make or break me ;)"

Biographical Information
Name: LaLa 
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Education: High School

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