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RSS Classof011

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1 point

Man you are just as coherent as lool...

He said that churches exist so people can generate income through donations that just went into other peoples pockets. I was saying that the bible is not made solely for profit, as more than 95% of its sales are donated to charities etc.

3 points

By encouraging young people to have sex at an early age we expose them to a myriad of potential risks. Contraception is not always effective, and can result in unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

Legalising the prescription of contraception will not prevent the problem of teenage pregnancy. This is not due to a lack of prescribed contraception, but to other factors such as inadequate sex education, a lower age of sexual maturity, etc. Young girls are far more likely to use condoms than birth control especially when these girls are under the age of 16.

The issue of the health of the girl must also be considered. We are yet unsure of the potential harmful effects of the birth control pill in women. Is it not irresponsible to prescribe this to young girls who are still experiencing puberty before we are fully aware of the dangers?

1 point

Yes everyone should have an equal chance without people asking you how old you are. Of course not counting jobs where you have to be a certain age to perform IE bartender.

1 point

So what you are saying is that as soon as I see a debate you have created I should copy everything word for word and then post my opinion? Sure I'll just do that next time ....

1 point

Second chance? I don't remember a second chance and as far as I'm concerned you are just taking away people that could actually know more on the topic at hand than you do. I do not doubt, I know, that you are way above me in the experience and knowledge of stuff that a 19 year old couldn't possibly know. But I know that there are some topics that I have a ton of knowledge on, but if you are going to ban me from your debates go for it there are quite a few others and I don't mind I just find it a little strange I haven't down voted anybody since the debate, its not worth it anymore.

1 point

It represents a bad part of America, it is a representative of slavery and racism. Something that nobody should show a liking to.

3 points

what if you are taking away an extremely good point? You are taking away an opinion that hasn't had a chance. If someone gets nasty with you during a debate by all means ban them but I do not see the point in doing so before hand. As the debate creator you should give everyone a chance, at least a chance in every debate to prove themselves a good debater. Who knows maybe what your debate is on that person wrote on for his phd you could be taking away an opinion changing post!

3 points

I strongly say that they should not. I find it very stupid. To ban someone who is 'off subject' or 'bad mouthing' is perfectly acceptable but to take away what could be the top scoring debate post is just wrong. Everyone should be entitled to their own opinion on the site and if they cannot post their opinion what is the point?

2 points

You cannot fear what is going to happen there are much more important things to worry about. Try not to run the future when you haven't heard the gunshot for the present.

2 points

Sounds good to me I mean we have more time to do what we want to and it is less hassle for parents isn't it?

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About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Christopher Martin
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Catholic
Education: Post Grad

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