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RSS Clay123

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1 point

barack obama all the way bush messed up our schools, econmy, heathcare, banks ,and image

2 points

oh yes barack Obama should get reelected because,,,

heathcare reform - he was the first president to ever tackle heathcare it provided acces to heathcare and will finally get rid of the waste in heathcare and get people uninsured insured

fincial reform- made the banks do their buincess right

2 points

look obama has failed the american people from these few examples

the goverment takeover of heathcare

failed stimulus

outragous spending and has spent more then georrge bush did in 8 years then in 3

the biggest set of regulation on fincil market

made it arder for americans to pay their enegry bills

and much , much more

1 point

we can not leave Iraq a failed state there government is still not fully set up violence is still a big problem the Iraq's need our help and the Us have never surrendered to the terrioarits now why should we now plus lest just get the job done now so our kids don't have to come back there to fight the same fight

1 point

the Tax cuts sent off 52 monuths of job growth so i guess they sort of helped

1 point

with tax cuts they stimulate the economy and drive up tax revenues so that's how they pay for themselves and they keep people Happy and it has proven with the bush tax cuts how they pay for their selves the reason we are in a deficit is not because we are taxing too little it is because we are spending too much

2 points

i believe so because i just heard about google making a softwar ethat drvies cars. This is wrong basic basic, things that peole should be able to do we rely on maachunce to do. this is only on examle of this there are many more.

1 point

look here now, first tx cuts are good because

1. they stimulte the econmy

2. you don't have to pay muchfor them

3. they kepp people happy

4. you cut wasteful spending

5. peole spend more

1 point

oh yes president bush did and acomplished a lot he cut taxes , created jobs, created a reformed smaller more effictive goverment, made america a safer place , created a eduaction reform NCLB witch made our edcuation sytem the best in the world we are less relient on oil and oil on foreign countries were are a stronger nation oh yes president bush is one of the best presidents ever close with regan

1 point

it helped a lot because it

1. boost payments to schools by 24% and let states use it like they wanted

2. encougred kids to do better at school

3. showed progress in schools and states

4. gave states more power

5. gave kids the power to pass thier grades

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