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10 most recent arguments.

Well I agree we need sats to determine how we are doing, but grades are bullshit.

Let's say, you don't do homework because you have soccer practise and have band. But you aslo get a+'s on tests, classwork, and behave, so you get a c, are you stupid?

Let's say you have dyslexia or something, but are a good listener. You comprehend what your teacher is saying, but don't do well on tests. So you get a d. Are you stupid?

You. Are smart, responsible, and well behaved, but not creative and don't do well on projects. You work extremely hard. Like on love hina (an anime) the 2 protagonists study daily, working hard- one even messes up their eyesight and becomes antisocial- just to enter the best college. They cracked under pressure once and failed. Are they stupid? They got a D so are they?

A guy doesn't pay attention, only studies before a test, and pays others to do homework and stuff, he gets an -a. Is he smart? Grades don't show knowladge, understanding, or effort- they show memorization, luck, and scores on tests.

Yes they should. I work hard and somehow got a d in english. If you ask me, I can explain everything I know since I understand it. School isn't about learning or understanding- its about memorization and having no life. You need to stay up all night to do stupid projects that don't help or benefit you. You need to spend $80 for a stupid grade that is based entirely on opinion- not on your effort. I worked hard, streesed out, spent a lot of money and the goddamned school bitches gave me low grades. Ask mme anything on 7th grade english/science/history and I know it. Those bastards grades caused me stress, acne breakouts, antisocial behavior, my familys respect, my future careers for nothing.

Sorry if this isn't too good, I'm pissed off because of how they fucked up my life. I already know that stuff.

2 points

Id buy 1 tank of gas (can you believe gas prices these days?)id gamble

Id buy 1000000 things from dollor tree. Or id buy 1 million dollors worth of candy. Or id have sex with 10,000 hookers for $100

Exactly what I meant. So far means that as of today, it was the best.

Any pixar movie. Pixar/disney movies always look amazing. Also, what so bad about marval?

Great debator. Am intellegent man who never fails to convince others, truly a master in the art of debate, but enough about me…

How did he leave germany in ruins? Have you ever studied wwii in history? Clearly not. The allies, mainly soviets, british, and americans left germany in ruins. Hitler was the man who restored order in germany after it was left in economic ruin after it signed the treaty of varsailles.

Germany was better before he seize the power than after

No it wasn't. Do some research. Everything you say is the opposite of what actually occured. The treaty of versailles required germany to pay €6,600 million. The war cost germany a lot of money. The money they had to pay impoverished germany. There was inflation so bad, that if you went to a bar, the cost of the drink would increase by the time you finished. There were very few jobs. After wwi ended, hitler couldn't find a job- no one could! Hitler created jobs and rebuilt the economy. Please, at least study how germany was after wwi. Hitler turned a third world country to a superpower. Nazi Germany was a center for technological advancements. Thanks to nazi aerodynamics, we have nasa. An ex-nazi, Wernher Von Braun, helped NASA develop rocket ships and win the space race. Under hitler, the Nazi army nearly conquered europe.

If hitler hadn't been elected Führer, germany would've been a third world country. Communism would've spread throughout europe. The germans would've had no job, no money, no patriotism. many animals would've gone extinct since hitler enforced many laws protecting animals. I said this a lot, but please, research wwii, the condition germany was in, and how hitler benefited germany.

2 points

I'm not a jew, so I chose this. Hitler was like any other man: he made a few mistakes did some bad stuff. That is what makes us human. This debate is quite stupid.

2 points

...and almost destroyed a nation

what nation did hitler almost destroy? If youre taking about germany, then your waaaayyyyy off. Hitler saved and rebuilt germany after the allies destroyed it. If your taking about the aftermath, then the allies destroyed it. If your taking about france, they were the ones responsible destroying germany, so it was pretty much revenge.

Good; adj; of high quality: excelent. I think hitler fits this discription. He was a great orator. One of, if not, the best in the world since he was very pursuasive. He was a "high quality" soldier since he received 2 iron crosses (1 first class, 1 2nd class) in world war 1. He was an exellent leader since he led the small national socialist german workers (nsdap or nazis) from a minority group to the largest party in germany and made them win many seats in the reichstag. He was also a great artist. I'm not kidding, look up his art. He originally wanted to be an artist.

Good: adj; morraly good righteaous. Hitler was a vegetarian and often gave graphic discriptions of animals being slaughtered to make dinner guests shun meat. He banned vivsection, rebuilt the german economy and restored national pride- something absent for the end of wwi to his rule. He protected animals, put into action severe hunting restrictions and because of his actions, many endangered animals are still around. He even sent many men to concentraion camps for breaking these laws He enforced family values and even launched one of the molst succesful anti-smoking campaigns.. he even commisioned the invention for a cheap, efficient car the average german could afford: the volkswagon (literally peoples car).

Bad: adj of poor quality: inferior. Does he fit this discription?

Supporting Evidence: this is his art. (

How did a bomb that killed thousands at a time save lives? It was onee of the worst didsasters in world history! Sure it ended the war quicker, but usa could've just backed off, and discuss a treaty or something. The japanese were fanatical because it was their country and freedom at stake. Like any normal person, they would've died if it gave their wives and kids a better home. The american troops abused some residents. Go ahead, look it up. But you're right, it was better to end the war asap. It would've been better to seek peace though.

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