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RSS Colinong

Reward Points:126
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I do not think it will happen as the economic uncertainty will have a negative effect towards the pound.

1 point

I can give free advice to the best of my own academic knowledge.

1 point

There are just too many differing views and stubborn people who are too close-minded to change their minds.

1 point

Do you think if they have these shoes that suit people like me, who is flat-footed?

1 point

I feel that because of the negative effects of this year's Covid to my income (I am in the Gig industry), even my reason for playing must have some relevance to boosting my creativity or networking.

1 point

I feel that education gives the basic foundation and discipline so that an apprenticeship can be deemed more useful.

1 point

I chose here because science and maths curriculum have big impact for the country.

1 point

The land where a good idea can be developed to be an innovative product in the fastest time.

1 point

I think it is a good idea. But who owns the IP of opinions of your online supporters? CD?

1 point

If influencers can prove to the corporates that they have a loyal following, they are able to get paid-endorsements. Thus they are not exactly unemployed.

About Me

"I am an Economics and Business Lecturer based in Singapore."

Biographical Information
Name: Colin Ong
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Singapore
Education: College Grad

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