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RSS Connerbatt

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NAFTA is not a good deal for the U.S.. It only grew the United States's GDP by .01%. NAFTA has also damaged American workers. They have lost their ability to bargain their wages with companies threatening to move to Mexico. Also south of the border this agreement has put Mexican farmers out of business.

1 point


The Iran Nuclear Deal may protect the US and other allies of it for a couple of decades when speaking of nuclear warfare. But when regarding unfreezing $110 billion worth of assets to a country that financially supports terrorism, may not be in our best interest. We should continue the economic restraint on Iran until they cease all nuclear programs. Not only are we looking to support future generations of Americans, but also we need to protect our friends from Israel who Iran has spoke publically about saying they should be "wiped off the map."

2 points

The constitution is needed severely. Our weak nation is crumbling and it's only a matter of time before it's gone. Our central government needs the power to tax its people to pay it's soldiers that fought for this nation to be created. Foreign creditors our making a fool of us saying we are too weak. How are we going to grow stronger as a nation if someone as little as Rhode Island is holding us back from paying our people? Mass deflation is spreading across the country, hurting our farmers. Ignorant assemblies are passing laws, not knowing what they're doing. The future looks very uncertain for our young nation.

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