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RSS Countrygurl

Reward Points:72
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1 point

Trump and Jesus both love you, yet you turn your back on both of them. How could you be so cold?

0 points

He is a raving manchild just like you so I'm not surprised at this.

1 point

Don't you have an Antifa protest to attend or something? I mean, I'm sure a bad ass revolutionary such as yourself has beaten up plenty of crippled elderly veterans and women and children who believe in border security and low taxes. You at the very least, probably flailed your skinny marxist noodle arms at them while screaming mindless slogans in their face.

1 point

Bootstrap, you need to learn to go play quietly when grown ups are talking. Homosexuality obviously has to do with the brain, because it is a mental illness that causes you to be attracted to other men's butt holes.

1 point

You smell like a filthy basement which belongs to a single mother being inhabited by a fat, sweaty 40 year old marxist virgin.

countrygurl(72) Clarified
1 point

I have better things to do than sit here trying to get someone arrested for being a jack ass on the internet. He probably can't get an erection unless it's some weird animated japanese pedo porn anyway so how could he rape me? And Marxists are too lazy and weak to kill anyone or commit assault unless there are 30 of them against one elderly person, woman or child in an Antifa swarm.

1 point

What is the difference between fascism and socialism in practice or even in rhetoric?

1 point

I don't believe this, Jesus was not a communist .

1 point

The amount you work out is unhealthy then and you have the exact opposite problem. You are over-stressing your body by working out so much. You also could just be a lying fat ass who is making t5his up. Either way you're still a loser.

1 point

I can't be a Nazi, because Nazis are socialists and I am a libertarian. Think about it like this, if a dirty mexican came into YOUR home with the intention to rape you, wouldn't you have the right to cut off his balls? America is our home and illegals are raping our fellow Americans.

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Winning Position: It can (even though it can't)
Winning Position: I am a Marxist

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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