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1 point

no... I don't think it matters really around 90% of living species that have ever existed have gone extinct and its part of life right? but maybe instead of cloning just do the protection sanctuary thing and maybe cloning wouldn't be needed :P

1 point

but still its kind of clumping them together to say they're just jealous of America.

courtney-0(35) Clarified
1 point

I mean like it just sounds like a general statement. there isn't much to go on from it. besides agreeing that ALL brits are jealous or ALL brits are not.

1 point

there is no god. he only exists in a select few who do worship and "praise" the lord Jesus fucking Christ ^.^ but then there are some people such as myself who reject that idea completely. "god" doesn't allow suffering people are doing it to themselves subconsciously. (I know that one can't exist without the other but still) god doesn't exist. not as a whole. (once again I hope you kind of get what I'm trying to say) but I fully agree with people on this side of the "argument"

2 points

................................................................................................... I just think this is a bad question............ but no I don't think that they are, I could be wrong. its kind of like saying China is jealous of Russia or Africa is jealous of Australia................

1 point

no... I think most people who do buy them and actually keep them forever are HOARDERS. kidding. maybe not lol but its like buying something in china and keeping it forever then seeing it in some cheap dollar store or something rather.

1 point

what do I hate the most?? hmm....... I would have to say..... my own thoughts.

1 point

to scroll through a bunch of memes that I've seen like a million times haha and to also play unicorn attack (only because you can mute the music) and... maybe talk to people but even that never really happens and its great to kill time with.

1 point

no but SOMETIMES I click on a stupid link on facebook and this java update shit won't let me close the tab/window so then I had to turn off my laptop :P but besides that no. why? because I don't go to sites like pornhub/4chan/omegle that may cause harm to your computer stuff :P

1 point

did god evolve? ask yourself that again and think about it... I did and the first thought was... "Are we talking about Pokémon?"

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