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RSS Coyotepink

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1 point

Considering the lack of specifics listed in the president's power, there is a lot that can be stretched to use this to their benefit. Even though the founding fathers intended for Congress to have these powers, times have changed and if we are in a conflict with another country, it is much quicker to settle things and doesn't necessarily have a need to declare war.

1 point

Yeah they can "attempt" but it's most likely not going to happen. It's only ever happened three times. Good luck passing the bill without the president's signature and if you try and override the veto, chances are you won't get the 2/3.

1 point

Still, most of the president's vetoes stay that way. Even if Congress overrides one every once in a while, the president can veto any time that he/she says and doesn't have to go through such an extensive process like Congress. Overall, Congress has a long process that rarely works and the POTUS doesn't have a long process and gets the veto the majority of the time.

1 point

A reason that the POTUS is more powerful is because according to Article II, Section 2, Clause I of the Constitution, he/she is the Commander in Chief of US Military. Though the Congress has the power to declare war, the way that the president's role as Commander in Chief is written, it is very vague, therefore they could use it to their advantage. The POTUS can do much more than just declare war. Also considering that things are much faster in this modern technological age, the government doesn't necessarily need the congress to declare war when there are quicker, more efficient solutions that can be taken on by the president's power. Another reason that the POTUS is more powerful is their power to issue executive orders. The president's executive orders are like bills except they don't have to go through the same long process. (people have much less say in what happens) The Congress is able to override an executive order with a 2/3 vote. However this has been said to be nearly impossible because it is so hard to get the votes to an agreement. The POTUS also has the power to veto which basically means that they can pretty much throw away any bill that they don't like or disagree with. Similarly to the process of overriding an executive order, the Congress has to get a 2/3 vote which doesn't happen too often and when it does is very difficult.

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