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RSS Croatianchic

Reward Points:285
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10 most recent arguments.

The Packers are the best! The VIkings have been to the Superbowl 4 times, and lost all 4, what does that tell us? Where as the Paackers have been to 4 Superbowls and won 3 out of 4. Go Pack Go!

I may not truely mean it, but even on the bus, you were being moody, and I don't know what your deal was, but you said it was, me, and I don't recall being any different then I normally am, I don't know if I meant it that day or not.... it really depends if your attitude changes.

I did, and I only ended up with a C in her class, and art grades don't matter in college application, so I have no regrets, at all so you can so trying to be "cool" by saying "take the F"

Great, being immature is a good thing now... oh, well then.

So explain, I'm being I brat for insulting someone.... please do explain...

And I very much thought about what I said before I typed it and I meant it.

And by the way, I really can't take you seriously when you use "text talk"...

Nobody cares about your opinion. Everyone was on my side the whole time, even you, so you need to stop being such a hypocrite.

I hate you.

I sooooo believe in them I read, everyday almost, and it is almost always right... it is so cool....

Yes, regular kids in high school are playing the same games, and they are not getting paid, sure, the pros are a lot older, but it's the sam game and we just watching it for our entainment... just like high school/college games too.

The money should go people that save lives, doctors, firemen, policemen, etc.

Since I don't live near most of my friends, I'm pretty sad... but if they, didn't have alot of work (to keep us sharp), and it started at like... 9:45, I would love regulr school in summer!

But the problem is, I am the only one that is "man enough" to speak for everyone, you are the only person that likes her, so shut-up.

katiekat I have no clue what your problem is lately, but I am getting REALLY sick of it, and really annoyed, you know that everyone hates her, you are probably the only one that likes her, that's only because your a suck-up. I am really sick of this crap your giving me, so I think you need to shut-up , and stop kissing everyone butt.

Sincerely, Little Miss Spongebob, (since your to inmature to use my real name)

Displaying 10 most recent debates.

Winning Position: Yes! The Ipad mini wtf!
Winning Position: No, that's crap.....
Winning Position: Glad!
Winning Position: Yes, why not!
Winning Position: No way!
Winning Position: Yeah, Oh My God!
Tied Positions: Um, no that's nasty.. vs. ME,ME,ME!
Winning Position: Yes!
Winning Position: Yes... maybe

About Me

"Technology is not nice to me, it hates me, and I hate it. Get annoyed... not so easily.. and I want to marry a black man... :D"

Biographical Information
Gender: Girl
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States

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