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RSS Croissant

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1 point

Let's keep the Articles of Confederation, I say! Why let our government be ruled by people who will only rule only for their self interest and pleasure. We should have a government that is ruled by the people and for the people. Allowing the Federalist to establish their form of government is a laugh at the faces of the common man and it'll only stir up more fear in the lives of the American people. We will be giving all power to one person. So why great a nation ruled by one person, when we just broke away from something like that? The U.S will only end up becoming like the British.

1 point

I do agree that it is a plan that might actually work, but what if after such attack to NK will cause the rise of another dictator such as the regime they have now? What will happen then?

1 point

Honestly, I believe that the U.S should stand its ground and not let such eminent threats of North Korea, that basically have no meaning, since they pulled back their threat of attacking Guam with missiles, get to them. Negotiations may be safe in this case, but not everyone may be pleased with there are some things that others won't agree on. NK, especially, will be hard to please, since they are stubborn as a child. They just want to gain the world's attention. If it comes to the point where NK won't cooperate with the negotiations presented and still continues with it's threats, the U.S shall put the matters into its own hands, along with Japan, South Korea, Russia, and China.

Now, it wouldn't be the greatest idea or so, if the U.S were to remove its stationed troops it has in South Korean and Japan. This will create less tension, but at the same time, will leave these allies vulnerable in case if an attack were make to these countries.

1 point

If North Korea really does want to go to war, why pull back their threat of attacking Guam with missiles? If they did want war, I'm pretty sure they would've attacked a long time ago or about now.

1 point

Leslie (3)

May not be best way to handle with North Korea, but it may be the safest since all North Korea has really done is just talk and gain the attention of the entire globe.

Even though negotiating with NK sounds like pure nonsense and a waste of time, it may be the safest way to deal with them than going into bloody war, and losing the lives of millions of people.

In the article attached, it can be inferred or proven, that North Korea is just wanting to gain the attention of the world, to show everyone that they have weapons. NK has pulled back their threat and decided to just, "' a little more the foolish and stupid conduct' of the United States before he decides to launch any missiles toward Guam,...." North Korea, here, is too afraid of attacking, since they know that there are nations surrounding them that are U.S allies. But to talk about their showcase of weapons and missiles, in my opinion, are just to cover up the nation's fear of being attacked and taken over by surrounding countries. The threats made by them are a way of doing so. The country's people are going through tough economical issues, as well as starvation. If we decide to just stay back and don't do anything, people in NK will die, and/or NK may possibly be plotting occasionally. Negotiation is the safest way to go.

Supporting Evidence: North Korea just pulled back from a Guam attack (
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