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RSS Crw1000

Reward Points:13
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

negatives only belong in mathematics in a meaningful a matter of speech a negative is really the limitation of the alphabet we use to communicate when we talk or write.communication through the spoken and written word is always "dodgy" as nuances are the lifeblood of of the way we use the alpahabet in talking and writing.

1 point

the thing we all have to remember with global warming is that part of the cycle is a period of global cooling when the greenhouse gases reach a predetermined amount.then the cycle changes back to global warming as a natural part of the same process.It is simple physics but the average person is not aware of this and sais "oh well its cooler now than five years ago so global warming is over".how it works is initially the greenhouse gases keep more of the heat from the sun in and cause warming .then as the greenhouse gases increase they actually block much of the heat from the sun from reaching the surface of the earth.then we have a period of global cooling.then again as the greenhouse gases increase still further they eventually lock most of the heat in and eventually we get "runaway greenhouse effect".

1 point

unless there is a genuine medical case to abort then why not go full term and have the baby immediately adopted out.couples who opt to abort a healthy fetus are immotionally immature in my opinion.

1 point

not only should the death penalty be retained but also televised so that we can all see the terror on their faces as they are locked into position.this is where the "real" deterrent lies."seeing is believing".whilst the "act'of killing a vile person is kept behind closed doors it will be relatively ineffective in western society.yes i agree that it must be years in the processing to avert the tragedy of getting the wrong person.

2 points

the affect clothing on a woman has on many men is to wonder what is under it.there is nothing more titillatingly sexual than a "nipple slip".i can masturbate freely over a woman showing some nipple and some breast with just three or four buttons of her blouse undone.if the woman is completely topless i find her breasts oke but not tantalising.i certainly would not be aroused enough to masturbate over her full disclosure.breasts in there naked form come in all shapes and sizes and to any given man in my opinon most would not turn him on once it was the norm to go fact in general i think there would be a lot less sexual assault if women went totally nude because the element of sexualised dressing would be missing."fuckaware" is more appealing to a mans sexual appetite than the womans nude body itself in my opinion

1 point

we are an open pluralistic society.what is seen as normal is a" mirage" and does not actually exist.the media just produce heresay dressed up as any given time not one person would agree with what the packaged up version of the truth is not insanity just an impossible "ask" for any two or more persons or groups to absolutely agree on anything.

1 point

i think that with the ability to study most disciplines as a mature age student two or three years in the workforce gives a person a chance to pick the right course to study based on the facts and not too much guesswork.of course this path is dependent on the person actively persuing the information they need in the interim period.once a person gets out into the workforce and makes friends peer group pressure could be a factor in not returning to study and this is the big obstacle to going back to study.i think students who demonstrate the ability to go onto higher education at the end of senior high school should be put on a data base and followed up two or three years later so that they can make an informed decision at the time.

1 point

yes when u realise that life is a part of death and not the other way round we r all a ray of sunshine in the blackness of space.our lives r just a transition period between not being here at all to going back to not being here.beginnings and endings r how our minds make sense of things but have no relevance in nature which is ongoing without human beginngs and nature it is the journey not the destination that matters.

1 point

democracies are elected dictatorships.that is why in many western democracies there are two elected houses of parliament with entirely different ballot is only on the odd occassion that the voters give a political party a majority in both houses of parliament.

1 point

in the modern era guns are a source of revenue to governments.soldiers should be trained skilled debaters.the british soldiers in afganistan won the battle in their province mainly by winning the "hearts" of the local population'.if no guns were issued to any soldiers then they would feel free to talk to their opposing soldiers thru interpreters if necessary.the only people who want wars and killing as a source of media attention are the top brass.for instance particularly america would be reliant on the sale of guns and military hardware to keep their economy healthy.this could also be said of russia britain and china.

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