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RSS Cyn09

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2 points

Have you ever even listened to Michael Jackson's song's? MJ sang Funk/Disco, Pop, Rock, Gospel, R&B;, etc... And Michael Jackson had more fans. He was more worldwide, while Elvis was more popular in the U.S. Michael Jackson is FAMOUS for helping and giving so much to child in need. He gave so much to charities when he was alive and in his will, he even left a large portion of his money to charity. Michael Jackson had a message in all of his songs. He wanted the world to be a better place. He wanted to help suffering child. Michael Jackson never hurt any children. Don't you think it's odd that both the families that accused Michael of molesting their kids, didn't go to the police first? The first family tried extorting money from Michael before they ever went to the police. Michael refused to give him money, and the father was even caught on tape saying that he shouldn't have stop answering his phone calls and now he's going to get back at him. And the second family went to the lawyer of the first accuser before they ever went to the police. They also tried extorting money from George Lopez and Jay Leno. And Michael was found innocent in court.

4 points

I believe that gay marriage should be legal. Marriage is a beautiful thing and i don't see why two people of the same sex should not be allowed to get married.

1 point

There are worse things polluting our earth. Water bottles should be recycled and used only when needed. Although i think people who throw away batteries in their garbage is alot worse for the environment.

1 point

No, they can't help being obese. Sometimes it's in your genes and is a serious medical condition. And sometimes it's cause from other medical issues.

2 points

This side is more mysterious. It's going to win for that reason alone..

2 points

Of course it should it kills millions of people a year! But that will never happen. If the Government tries to ban tobacco people will rebel and smoke anyways, just like when they tried to ban alcohol.

4 points

Words hurt and can change a person. If a child grows up being ridiculed and verbally abused by a parent they will grow up hating themselves. Words can break a person down. Bullying in schools is a major problem, causing depression in children that has lead to suicide in some cases..

1 point

NO, he is not real. Saddley no one has ever came down my chimney on Christmas eve to give me presents.

1 point

I think Michael Jackson was the better singer, dancer, performer, and Artist. Elvis didn't know how to dance like MJ did. Yes, Elvis had his "signature moves" but Michael Jackson was an amazing dancer. He was perfection... Also Elvis never wrote any of his songs, not one! And Michael wrote and produced almost all of his. And according to the Guinness World Records, "Michael Jackson is The Most Successful Artist of All Time". Enough said..

1 point

Is it just me or did the movies of 2009 really suck? I mean i can't think of any movies that really stood out. Transformers made the most money so far, but i think people just went to see that movie because they grew up watching the show. It wasn't that good. But i'm waiting to see Avatar, that movie looks awsome!

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