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RSS Dacey

Reward Points:1036
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1 point


2 points

Me thinking it occurs with My head, while You thinking it occurs with Your head.

I don't think squares have four sides, I know they do.

My square may have four sides almost like Yours but ,Is My squares sides smaller than Yours ?

1 point

No . My thoughts are mine and your thoughts are yours. :-)

1 point

I will will share with u all you all why the heck u should perhaps lock the door. I was home alone showering one day. I did have the door closed. Singing away , mid shampoo and drowning in suds , suddenly the door handle begins to turn!,'who the heck' i wail . My new and obnoxious neighbour had decided she would let herself into my home to come and ask to borrow my computer. CREEPY!

dacey(1036) Clarified
1 point

Its true that i rarely come to CD but i still check in from time to time,sometimes. Im not dead ,dont bury me yet. :-D.

1 point

Freedom of speach at its finest :-)

1 point

Yeah I know. Just been busy , busy , busy. Also my laptop died.:-(

1 point

I told my son the same joke bout the man walking into the bar just last week.:-)

1 point

Oh Joe , i just been boasting how you cool you are and showed this dickie clip to a friend......

....misrepresentation at its finest. lol

1 point

I just had to use the loo while a friend was showering and upon noticing i was a scrucher he proudly claimed to be a roller !! ?

HUH ? I just assumed he meant folder and corrected him so .

Aparrently i was wrong and rolling is the elite in butt wiping , far better and more thorough than the scrunch or fold method..hmmm.

I ask anyone to check it out and report back.

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About Me

"i am a universal being, residing on the planet earth...............YOU can say what YOU wan't and I will say what I like....YOU can BARK all YOU want..but look out..... I BITE!!!!!!!!!.I BELIEVE -that G.O.D stands for governers of destiny and represents the governments of the world.Life is THEIR game of chess and WE (YOU & I) are the pawns. .... "if i can see it ,hear it, smell it,feel it,touch it,taste it,then it IS, my business, and right, to have an oppinion""

Biographical Information
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Other
Country: Australia
Religion: Other

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