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Shadow is the ultimate life form, and thus will be able to keep going for longer due to his immense power.

4 points

Ok, ok. The milk carten was a bad example. I thought of it because I was drinking a glass right there and then. How do we explain things that happen in other religions and the different Gods that are out there. I am familiar with three different religious people at the moment as I myself go to church, but the confusing thing is which God is real or which God grants miracles. I'm sorry if I offended people out there with my previous comment, but I've researched into this a lot and it shows that the likelihood of a God is slim.

If time travel were possible or I actually met a God like figure, I would happily swallow humble pie.

2 points

scientists have discovered facts about the creation of the universe and life on Earth, whereas creationism has religion to a god that to date ceases to exist

-1 points

Sonic can jump extremely high and use bounce bracelet on enemies

I think Goku in his base form could kick the crap out of Superman. Just think, Ki energy versus some alien metal thing or whatever he is with hardly any tricks up his sleeve. Let's see what happens when goku smashed one of superman's arms off, shall we?

I'm too young (14) to have ever owned a sega genesis or any older console, but since Sonic Adventure I've bought all main series games and some side games.

Although I think they are completely even, the Sonic X (though canon) series shows the fight between them and Shadow has the upper hand. Shadow is a more efficient fighter but when Sonic goes Super I think that they are still even. Just look at their fights in the games

9 points

Sonic could clearly kick mario's ass. Do you know how irritated I get when i switch on the tv to see nintendo adertising mario? Sonic is a lot better because of his side characters (excluding tails) and his moves. I admit, the quality of gamestyle has dropped since SA2. But come on, even Nintendo's SSBB states that Sonic is an A fighter whereas Mario is a C.

I've seen the whole series of dragonball z more than once and apart from some of the voice acting at the start of it (only because i was used to the cell saga onwards). I also think that ben 10 is ok but i'm fourteen now and i don't think if i watched an episode of it today i would particularly enjoy it

if you mean live without any way of dieing then i think this would be bad. For one, like many of the other comments i'd say people would get incredibly bored and that people in bad financial situations would spend years of undetermined misery. Also, even if you can't die the pain that you'll feel as you get to and/or pass the age of one hundred then the usually worn out body by then will still decay. For people in the UK, think about the royal family! They'd stay exactly the same with no change of king/queen. I state my point

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Winning Position: Sonic
Tied Positions: Zelda vs. Wolf
Winning Position: Goku vs Vegeta

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