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RSS Darqmachine

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Hello sir. Although I will support your first Amendment Right with regards to Freedom of Speech, I can't support your view on not giving equal consideration to our trading partners. The reason.. they have as much right as we do with respect to Globalization. Consider what I say as if it were the “Domino Effect”. For example, let’s say out of a stack of dominos there are only 4, Japan, China, Mexico and the US. All three of these countries are not just our trading partners but are allies as well. If one of those trading partners that we as a trading nation is bullied or harmed in anyway then we, not just as a country with regards to our own economic sovereignty, but as a trading partner, including the other 2 out of those three will be affected because each one of use shares what I call a symbiont relationship to one another. In other words, we are all interlinked. Not only this, but do to the advancements of technology and science we all need to be on the same page. I will never say that outsourcing is a good thing due to the theft of core competencies with respect to patents, but what I will say is that it’s not a bad thing for some of our multinationals. In time and with respect to the cost of natural resources and the global food supply along with making money, it is sad to say that we as a trading nation need one another. Therefore, until a viable solution is figured out, we must continue the practice as is. However, according to a recent stance that I just supported with respect to the reliance of fossil fuels and oil dependents, I’m totally against.

1 point

I totally Agree with you on this. However to an extent, the idea of outsourcing looked good on paper but was never fully understood by those that the government was seeking support from.

1 point

I have read all the comments and I have to say I'm rather impressed. When outsourcing first came into play within the US Economy, American citizens were uneducated with respect to economics, followed by all the intricate details as to how this would effect them from a Micro to Macro standpoint as well as from a supply and demand standpoint. To be honest, Americans were never fully educated as to what outsourcing would do to the economy along with the ramifications. Americans, like Canadians, and like citizens of Latin America are all consumers with only one thing in common, "UNCHECKED SPENDING LIMITS IN THE FORM OF PLASTIC WITH MASTER CARD VISA LOGO." Needless to say Washington (US Politicians) along with Canadian and Latin American Officials were very much aware of those ramifications along with certain trading partners who were all for it. In 2 papers that I will share with each and every last one of you, I will show both the Pros and the Cons of outsourcing along with the grey, and where all arguments can be backed up on both sides.

Here are the links to the papers...

Supporting Evidence: THE RISK OF OUTSOURCING (
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