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RSS Dartmouth

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3 points

[1] "All women should obey their men? Uh no sorry thats a bit messed up."

Perceived misogyny where none was present so that you can pretend to be offended.

[2] "How can the male brain have the [efficiency] to run the world if the male brain can't even [multi-task]?"

Because while women can multi-task, this is an adaptation they've accomplished to counter their irrational decision-making process, inability to conform to strict logic, and total batshit insanity. Their wires are all crossed.

1 point

Yeah, but, I mean, you should really only do it in self-defense, and even then you've got to be selective. Don't pop her in the face if you can pop her in the gut. Don't pop her in the gut if you can restrain her.

Generally I can't see any situation requiring you to hit a woman where bending her over your knee and spanking her ass until she cries doesn't serve a much better purpose.

1 point

That's not 3D. That's 2D.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-

1 point

3D display technology isn't there, yet.


1 point

Essembly more closely follows the delphi-method of communication and is more oriented for a 'think-tank' type of atmosphere. CreateDebate is more....supportiv e of the individual's thought, but it's also less legible.

There just doesn't seem to be any real conflict, here; And, on top of that you can't format text here. I am not impressed. It's just so impersonal, here.

1 point

Of course. Unless we eliminated fear in adult life, only an irresponsible parent would prevent exposure to fear. Even then, we shouldn't remove that aspect of humanity. Plus, if you're a super-villain like me, you can make a decent living off it.

1 point


Makes me feel like an American.



1 point

In some cases, it absolutely should be. Some states prosecute 18 year olds with 17 year old sexual partners. Also, alot of crimes that we don't necessarily deem to be sexual predation in our culture are still getting people on the Sex Offender Registry-- simply having your name on the list would make you a rapist. The whole system surrounding that should be rebuilt from the ground up, and placed into tiers for publicity. Why didn't anyone else notice this?

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