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RSS Daver

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2 points

It's very rare to come across a Straight News story, reported without slant, bias or commentary. If we are to understand current events with any clarity, we are obliged to study several sources of news for nearly every event. Those who find this too burdensome need to keep their underdeveloped opinions to themselves.

daver(1770) Clarified
1 point

In the course of human history, there has persisted a tendency to war among men. The US is an example of the finest and most successful attempt at self governance that has ever existed. It is a high honor to serve in the protection of freedom. Military members engaged in such service, defend the value of life.

3 points

President Trump is racist only in the frenzied minds of liberals. Their biggest tactic is to call people disparaging names, in futile attempts to discredit. While he makes America Great Again, they search for any utterance that can be seized upon to distract from obvious success that is taking place in the job market, in the stock market, in the housing market, in energy independence and a huge groundswell of optimism that is proving his promise's to be true.

daver(1770) Clarified
2 points

All you seem to have is calling me names and this!

Your first link: simply an opinion of a guy who was not there.

In the 48 years since, many others have joined the fray: some echoing Alperovitz and denouncing the bombings, others rejoining hotly that the bombings were moral, necessary, and life-saving.

Your second link: A Japanese guy claims that the A bombs wasn't necessary. 😕 Hmmmmmmm -- No shit

Hasegawa - who was born in Japan and has taught in the United States since 1990, and who reads English, Japanese, and Russian - rejects both the traditional and revisionist positions. According to his close examination of the evidence, Japan was not poised to surrender before Hiroshima, as the revisionists argued, nor was it ready to give in immediately after the atomic bomb.

2 points

I can't believe you just said that shit. WOW

2 points

Get some history

With 2,000,000 Japanese troops on the home island of Japan, clearly the losses on Okinawa were accurately predictive to US military leaders. Hirohito surrendered to MacArthur not Stalin. Daaaaaa

1 point

Still just a dream. However their credibility is coming apart in handfuls.

daver(1770) Clarified
1 point

What then say you of North Korea?

1 point

Yes it does, but not by the obliteration of another nation. Palestine

Having been themselves without a country, I'm perplexed that Israel steadfastly forces that condition on others.

daver(1770) Clarified
2 points

I agree with your assessment of the political motivation behind his ouster. I'm just tickled shitless that the progressive is gone.

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"Enjoy the back and forth of opinions. Sometimes I get a new one."

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