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RSS Daydreamer

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10 most recent arguments.
3 points

why would you want to keep them in prison for life using your well earned taxes to support them, if they are convicted of a serious enough crime and there is enough evidence against them and there's no reason of doubt then yup death penalty simple

1 point

I don't like to encourage lads hitting girls, but my brother was in an abusive relationship where his girlfriend thought it was ok to hit him when she liked, so my advice was "if she can hit you like a bloke she should be able to take it like a bloke"

I'd rather neither sex hit each other but hey that's life

1 point

without a doubt man created God and bloody cults too imho


1 point

in today's society I don't think it matters, I do how ever think parents should encourage safer sex than worrying about having sex after marriage

1 point

totally agree with believeyoume

sex is sex

love is love

2 points

i am a huge twilight fan ( of the books mostly ) but Twilight imo sucked massively, New Moon was slightly better but overall i'd rather not watch the movies

1 point

no , lol its gonna happen to us all anyway lol

but I'm not scared

1 point

no, I don't think so, as with any breed its the way you bring them up and treat them.

any dog can be viscous it just depends on the owners and the way they handle them

0 points

A child is born innocent, the way society is, the peer groups and the way they are brought will reflect the way the turn out.

so I would say defo made

2 points

technically we all are ......

And its sad that racism is still as potent today as it always as been

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Name: Donna Br
Gender: Male
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Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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