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1 point

Death is good. It cleans the world of those not fit to live anymore so the ones who are fit to live have enough resources to live. I don't love it. I just respect is as a necessary force and am able to face it with no regrets or fear.

I don't hate God. I don't feel any emotion towards things that don't exist.

1 point

I've won about $1250! It's a great way to earn easy cash if you know football.

dcb9242000(167) Clarified
1 point

And then get yourself and the team arrested for illegal gambling?

1 point

The Crusades were a fight by the Eastern Orthodox and Western Catholic Churches in Europe to reconquer the so-called "holy lands" - at least for the first 3. The 4th was the Catholics invading Constantinople (present-day Istanbul) to make their own Venice, Italy the trading capital of Europe. So, the Crusaders were actually trying to conquer other lands instead of protecting their own.

Athiest communism and Islam? Would you look at that, more religion! This seems to be a recurring theme!

GenericName is right. The Gengri Mongols were the ones who stopped communists and Islams.


You actually are going to end up holding a cardboard sign in the city yelling, "THE END IS NEAR!"

1 point

This is the way it used to be, but now it's basically the opposite. If a cisexual white man insults a women or a black person or a queer person, then they are labelled as a discriminating jerk. If a white police officer shoots a black man, then the whole African-American community blows up about it, even if the shooting was in self-defense and unavoidable. If a black police officer just blatantly shot a white person for no apparent reason, anyone who protests against it is called racist. Legally and economically, white men do have it better than everyone else, but socially, they don't.

2 points

The lie that you have been fed your entire life is that there is some deity that is all-powerful and the root of everything.

Most conflicts throughout the history of the world were because of religious intolerance.

1 point

The way that our parents and grandparents and every other generation of American that lived here was because the British people that migrated here fought the current inhabitants, won, and set up an actual society. They won the land through war and claimed it. Comparing that to people, some with drugs or criminal histories, who just randomly cross an established border and try to set up a life in land they are living on unfairly is inaccurate. If all of the illegal immigrants in America or those that want to live in America want to fight us to try to claim our land, then go ahead. Conquest and settlement is a lot different than illegal immigration.

1 point

Death is not my friend, as I have pointed out multiple times. You are talking about death as if it is a conscious being. Death is an event that happens daily when a person's body fails to support them anymore.

Since Hell is a form of negative reinforcement invented by the Greek priests to keep people in line, then it's not actually possible to burn in Hell.

Jesus Christ actually was executed because he went crazy from heat exhaustion and went into the Jewish temple in Jerusalem and demanded that the tax collectors from Rome leave.

So you're saying that it would be good to have every single organism that ever lived here on Earth right now? Death is definitely not a curse. It can be rough sometimes, but it happens to everyone.

1 point

If design doesn't randomly develop, then how do incredibly complex compounds like polysaccharides form? It's because of the basic chemical characteristics of the carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen that make them up. Carbon, which has four valence electrons, and oxygen, which has 6, both bond easily with hydrogen. How did those atoms that used to be completely separate end up as starch inside a potato? They were moving around in the random manner that atoms tend to do, until they crashed into each other to form one of many glucose molecules that then combined to form starch. With extreme heat and pressure, carbon crystallizes to form diamond. It goes from an unstructured mess of carbon atoms to a nice pattern. Random occurrences do produce order. In addition, life has the ability to grow and develop. In response to your argument about the complexity of the human body, I offer this: before an embryo is formed, it is two single-celled organisms: a sperm cell and an egg cell. They combine to make an embryo. In about 18-25 years, that embryo will most likely be a fully developed human being. Now isn't that funny? It went from two simple cells to an organism with billions of cells. If organisms can grow at the individual level, couldn't they develop as a population as well? Now let's go back to that huge chemical mixture of billions of cells called a human. Let's say something in its environment changes undesirably. These billions of cells, which are actually pretty amazing things, will start to change their DNA to adapt to it. If one cell doesn't change and is killed, then it will be replaced by a duplicate of another cell that has adapted. This change in the environment isn't sudden, like being thrown into a fire. It's more gradual, like an increase of smog in the air or a decrease in the nutritional content of food. Now, maybe the said human won't be able to completely adapt in time. But it reproduces, and the genetic information held in its own sperm or egg contains the adaptation that its cells had to make to survive. This new generation of human will have that adaptation, and will build on it to better survive in its environment. The genetic code will be passed down between multiple generations of the organism, and in thousands or even millions of years there could be a completely different organism descended from that original human. That is all evolution is - the expansion of an adaptation over multiple generations. Imagine that first cell (most likely Archaea, a prokaryotic bacteria). Now imagine that its environment changes. Just like the human, its single cell will begin to change its DNA to survive in the environment. Around 3.5 billion years later, I'm sitting at my table typing this. Evolution is very explainable and supportable, and not at all scientifically impossible. If you take a barrel of a human body that has been cut to pieces (pretty morbid, I know, but in response to your analogy about the clock) and shake it around, you won't get a human, even though the parts all came from the same organism. That's because the human was formed by conscious beings (cells) with the intent of making it, just like the factory worker who assembled the clock. There is nothing that is random about life.

1 point

Let's say that a girl in high school gets raped. She becomes pregnant. That means that she has to live 9 months with a fetus inside of her. She has to skip classes for appointments with doctors, is viewed as a freak by classmates, and can't play the sport that she was really good at and might have gotten a scholarship for. Pregnancy could literally ruin someone's life. On top of that, the girl doesn't know how to keep the fetus healthy, so the baby would end up being born with Down's syndrome or some birth defect. There's a high probability that either the baby or the mother would die during the birth. Let's add the assumption that the girl's parents probably aren't able to support a child, so the baby would grow up in a poor environment. The girl would have to give up everything to take care of the child she was unprepared for. That's two lives doomed to fail, and one of them had that fate before its life even began. In this situation, it would be immoral to everyone involved to force the girl to give birth. What if it was someone you knew in that situation? This kind of thing is actually pretty common. I live in a town that is fairly high-class, and my son knew three girls that became unexpectedly pregnant. One of them died, one now has a child that is missing a leg because she didn't know how to take care of the fetus inside her, and the other dropped out of school because their GPA dropped from a 4 to a 1. I'm not saying that abortion should be treated as some kind of protection, but it should at least be available to those with a valid reason for not being able to raise a child.

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