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RSS Dcovan

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2 points

WOW. You actually got upvoted for that. The lower class are liberals statement is to funny. Do you have anything other than they vote for democrats to back that statement up?

2 points

Seems like name of videos should be Why is this creationists an idiot. Didnt know one person could acount for an entire grp of people . I never got to vote for an 18 yr old kid to be the mouthpiece for creationism. Only watched 2 videos but really making some scientist wanna be 18 year old with no idea what hes saying look dumb isnt that hard.

1 point

NO. Thats a tough corner to put someone in. If a young woman or man isnt attracted to someone of a different race your by default calling them racist and pressuring them to keep with social codes in effect taking away their freedom to choose a partner they find attractive.

2 points

How can anyone who is pro choice want to exclude someone of practicing their own beliefs. Abortion being right or wrong isnt the question, its if christians should stop campaigning against it. No one should stop campaigning against anything they think is unjust reguardless of how I feel about the issue.

1 point

You have alot of good points but you miss one key point. Someone has to choose to make money. If the cost of making money gets to high rich people will stop making money. As you have said they don't need anymore. All higher taxes will do is keep the middle class from striving to become an upper class citizen because due to taxes that would be impossible. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is an unalienable right endowed by our creator that no government of this country can or should take away.

0 points

Liberals by far. Extremists only operate because we let them. Their best shot at us was 9-11 which was horrible but compared to other tragedies not that high of a death count. Liberals on the other hand prop abortion which accounts for millions of humans not having the chance at life. Create no win situations for low income families with welfare. Spend our tax dollars on programs that dont work then complain they dont have enough money while vacationing and living like rockstars. Say what you want i never hear conservatives saying they need more of the taxpayers money. I figure legal drugs, legal assisted suicides,and plenty of other ways to insure the libs keeep the lower class as their slaves.

2 points

Hmmmm... Guess God wouldnt put some people on a course to protest this immoral action?

1 point

Of course. Its ok to discriminate against fetuses that are human so why not non-human animals.

2 points

Most men behave certain ways to attract the opposite sex. Alot of women prefer bad boys or un savory over nice well mannered wimps. SO i would argue women indirectly are responsible for more crime than men.

1 point

A fetus is not a parasite. Its an undeveloped human. No skin cells, hair follicles or any other bunch of cells. A undeveloped human. A woman has eggs for reproduction. These eggs have to be fertilized to create a fetus. If left unchecked as long as the fetus is healthy a human being will be formed inside the womans womb. If a woman doesnt want a child its her responsibility to prevent it from getting started. Women have plenty of ways to prevent unwanted prgnancy. Killing a fetus is wrong. Its a very young human. You can argue details but bottom line is it will one day, if all goes well,become a functioning member of the human race. Terminating this is murder. The question we need to ask is why do we have this problem in our "advanced" civilization. Most abortions are from unwanted pregnancy not rapes or medical conditions. Are women not ready for their rights? Mass murder of undeveloped humans because of irresponsibilty. We shouldn't condone this behavior as a womans right. WE should condemn because its a womans responsibility to be a mother when she decides to create a fetus.

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About Me

Biographical Information
Name: David Covan
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School

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