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RSS Debateguy91

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10 most recent arguments.

If you ban large sodas and candy then what stops people from buying more of the smaller varieties?

Take McDonalsds for instance, if they had to get rid of their large sodas then i would sipmply get a Medium and take advantage of the free refills.

Shouldnt they be concentration on side jobs ad such to devlope skills needed in the real world. because not all college athletes are going to be drafted to the big leagues, and what about the other non traditional sports, its not financialy feasable to pay those athletes. it would be unfair to pay the big sports team players money but the the minor teams.

Although i agree we should not pay studet athletes, have you taken into account that the NCAA make billions a year. dont you think that the players should get somthing since they risk their health to play? im just asking questions to get more depth in thought.

I am Right handed. FUN FACT: Right handed people on average live 7 years longer than left handed people.

2 points

Its Simple, taking the guns out of the hands of law abiding, god fearing citizens will not take them out of the hands of lawless, reckless criminals. Weed is illeagal, but yet it runs rampant throughout our country

yup i used to do it all the time but now my school offers a chance to get out of 1 final so i have to be here everyday.

theres nothing wrong with this i mean hey you can get allot of info from here i know i have and i dont use this website very much anymore

2 points

well it doesnt have to be 5$ it can be 1$. remeber 1$ can help. "every little bit helps

no, i am personaly not, by doing so you give people like me the ability to debate on thing, and to understand. its easier to because, if i dont understand somthing i can always go and whatch the video and then i will understand and be able to participate in the debate.

0 points

but we already teach children from Kindergarden, english. some schoold dont teach other lanquages untill 8th- 9th grade. so english is pretty much the dominant language anyways

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Winning Position: Yes
Winning Position: What is Better Xbox 306 or PS3
Winning Position: Love Him
Winning Position: WELL MISS U
Tied Positions: call of duty 4 vs. call of duty 5
Winning Position: Family Guy
Winning Position: Meth
Winning Position: FU#$

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