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4 points

love the batman point " but Batman doesn't have any powers. He is just a glorified detective. "

YOu said "the holocaust was before war"

War has been around since human civilization..

2 points

the questions is - are people dying every day and living in tough conditions, and people loosing a father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter or friend because of war? this always happens in war, and if you agree that is Bad, hence why war is always bad, it has its benefits, but its losses are unforgivable.

Onto my first point, if students are put into the position to vote for a school principle then it would create social divides, because if one friend is voting for one principle then another friend would be pressured into voting for the same principle just to be cool and be on the same side as her friend. Also if one friend votes or one principle and the other thinks that the other principle would be better and votes for that one then the other friend might think differently of the other friend and start treating her differently and not being her friend anymore. Onto my second point, voting for a school principle would put some students in an awkward position because it is such a big responsibility to vote for something that has a big impact on their school life, their education and the best possible role model for the students and someone that they can look up to and represent them.

7 points

I think it is great to believe in them, besides that's where half of our childhood memories are- dressing up in spider man costumes, concentrating on objects trying to make them fly. As well as harry potter movies - he's a hero too. Taking away our superheros is taking away half of our childhood!

2 points

i did it.. and it gave me the benefit of flipping over my dad when he told me to clean my room well i didn't have to in the end did i MWHAHAHAHAHA - love you dad :)

2 points

yes, plus i have seen plenty of boys play what is labeled the "girls game" of netball, and no, they tend to be in a relationship still :))

2 points

i tell you what i think? your dumb enough to think that the sight of a women is all that matters, besides the question is "do men prefer women with glasses over dumb women?" not sexy and non sexy

how dare you ALL label a women over her appearance . i believe that REAL men which i see none of here would fall in love with her personality,

2 points

with the politics and war involved no country would be able to "take over" as no other country would allow it.

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Winning Position: Myth
Tied Positions: Misleading Idols. vs. SUPERHEROES!!

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