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1 point

hapninnnnnnn troooppsss b-) weee loveeeeee mileyyyy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1 point

.welll your parents obviously didnt abort you because you are here and technically you couldnt go to heaven if you werent here to die

1 point

.i class it as murder aswell, i find it out of order that people would concieve a child&abort;it, if you dont feel responsible enoughh to have a child then use protectionn.

1 point

.exactlyyy, ivee got to say that the job they do is the most easyest in the world&they;get payed the mosttt.

1 point

.they shouldnt get payed that much because there is people out there who work so hard&dont;gett any where as near as them but thry go out to work&do;what they lovee doing (theirr hobbiee)& get payedd thousandsss of poundsss, itss nott rightt. anyonee could do their job its soo fuckingg easyyy.

0 points

.chickennn legendd meall, with large frys mayo&a;strawberry milkshakee alll the wayyy.

1 point

.who youu calling a fat chunky person without a life you doball :| mcdonaldsss is greatt but burger kingg hass ratssss

1 point

.well if they dont need to wear uniforms thenn neither do weeeee

1 point

.i am withhh josiee on thiss one, we are all ament to be trated the samee so we should all have the same dress code. if we didnt have a dress code teachers could dress as they like witch may make pupils feel uncomfortable by the way they are dressed.

1 point

.no they dont, taechers say that pupils aint allowed to wear there own clothes in case there is famillys out there who cant afford good clothes&the;children feel preassured about what they wear because they dont want people to laugh at them, but it could be the same for teachers so if they had a strict dress code then they would all get on fine,

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