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RSS Deepanshu00

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1 point

all ppl in america thnk dat india is place of slums n garbage ok...den tell me y dis site is's because india has the power to lead the world.. y don't u ask such question for france , germany , pakistan , italy , israel and many is asked for india u knw y because in real india has power 2 lead the world ....n that's y american president Barack Obama said that world should get lesson frm indian how dey work, n wat they do....i thnk majority of ppl working in NASA r frm India n in FBI n ys 60% of doctors in america r Indians, n india is 3rd leading country in terms of sceintist n engeeniers n doctors n if sme of out indians wr nt working in other countriy den india would nt b 3rd country bt it would b the 1st country to have all dese in most no.

world knows well were r indians nw ...dey r really leading in number of places.....we r d worlds largest democratians n wat u wanna knw abt ma incredible ppl hv respect for other not lk america or UK were ppl don't knw who is dere neighbour. if u thnk dis is the main point 2 be considered fr being no. 1 den we r happy dat we had not still reached dat position .INDIA will become no.1 bt it will never ever broke it's tradition n culture which American n U.K ppl have lost...

n india is great dat's y u all r cmparinig India wid america

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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