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dem6(80) Clarified
1 point

The point of this debate is not to make fun of previous presidents.

Why would you hate Bush so much anyway? He was surely not the worst of American presidents and he was certainly good enough to win twice and win people's trusts.

2 points

1) People have a right to live - Totally agreed! People do have a right to live. Monsters and terrorists don't.

2) Hypocritical government - But then providing a terrorist with all basic necessities - necessities that those who are not guilty of any crime (people who lost their jobs, those that live on streets, those that live in 3rd world countries) can't have, is just unjust. In this case, we'd rather have a hypocritical government than a government that is unfair and feeds and takes care of a terrorist.

3) Disproportionate rate of false convictions - I don't think we need to worry about that in this case.

4) Inhumane methods of killing - You know what else is inhumane? Building bombs using pressure cookers and killing kids before they even have a chance to properly live in this world, and taking the legs of a marathon runner.

dem6(80) Clarified
2 points

If that were the case, then life imprisonment is a good punishment for him. But unfortunately that's not how it works. He has to be fed regularly and with proper dietary requirements. He should be able to keep himself clean, so basic bathroom facilities. He should be allowed to freaking pray! If he has health troubles, then he should be tended to. Although he doesn't get a first class treatment, he gets the basic human care and he still has his fucking rights!

People who find themselves jobless and on the streets (they committed no petty crimes, let alone terrorism) can't afford most of those facilities.

So no, giving him LIFE, under the current system, just won't do justice.

2 points

LIFE will only be appropriate if we can make sure that he spends every moment of it being unhappy, feeling guilty and wishes every second that he were dead. But if we take actions that makes him feel that way, then people will start talking human rights! (Why people don't understand that human rights are for 'HUMANS', not monsters, is beyond me!) And this will only result in more time, money and other resources spent on this son of a bitch!

So hang the fucking bastard!

1 point

OMG! yes, he's back!

And he does seem fine.

Although, did anyone notice the way he sat in that chair?

It was almost like he couldn't carry his weight so he had to kind of fall onto the chair.

I wonder why no one is talking about that. I mean, come on people. Everybody makes such a huge deal of Putin missing for this long; and now he's here and has given us one mighty clue that he might not be perfectly well, and no one is picking up on it??

1 point

I'm afraid it's a little more complicated than that.

Putin isn't just anyone. When he is missing, people notice. They freak out. They make plans and they want control and they want position. And when I say people, I mean common people, countries, organizations and governments. So, we can't just 'fuck him'.

2 points

So are you also against the idea of adoption of a child by a single parent? (divorced or separated or just single or whatever)

And the 3 major reasons why kids today join gangs are:

1) Lack of jobs for youth

2) Poverty compounded by social isolation

3) Domestic violence

If seeking semblance of a family is a reason, then how does a family with homosexual parents not fit the meaning of a family? Some well reputed orphanage or a retirement home today takes care of its members like a family. In face they do call themselves a family. If the society can accept that (actually they more than accept it; whenever there is a documentary or a video about things like this, people get teary eyed and say that this is what humanity is!), then why can society not accept this?

1 point

The solution to this is to change the way the society views transexuals and homosexuals, not telling them that they are not allowed to marry. That's like saying that majority of the rape victims are women and majority of the rape is committed by men to those women, so women should lock themselves at home all the time. See how this is wrong? The solution to this should be to get those that commit rape (men and women) to stop committing rape; not telling the victims to avoid getting raped.

1 point

Exaclty. ISPs won't suffer as much. The common users of the internet, on the other hand, will be the ones that suffer.

dem6(80) Clarified
1 point

But without an open internet, big corporations would have unreasonable control over how we access websites and services. Doesn't this destroy the purpose of the internet in the first place? I mean the INTERNET is the single greatest technology of our time because it is open and free. If it stops being that, then what's the point?

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