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RSS Derecola

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2 points

Google is your friend... just don't look at work. If you're really daring, try an image search.

6 points

While I'd tend to agree with your argument, the way you structured the debate is a bit silly. Education is important but I seriously doubt they need to know what a Cleveland Steamer or Donkey Punch is.

5 points

Re: 2

Just because you can have casual sex, doesn't mean you're able to pull it off. The majority of people are sad sacks who don't know the first thing about banging random folks (they want to).

This view of being single is based on a movie or the top 1% of guys with game... not real life for most people.

2 points


Didn't we learn anything from Time Cop and Back to the Future?

7 points

The one I'd recommend to others: Be awesome to one another

2 points

A gas tax holiday is really no different than the stimulus checks. It's cutting governmental revenue in favor of a short term itty-bitty reprieve that will have much more damaging consequences down the line.

2 points

Even if everyone sent their money to the nearest electronic retailers, do you really think dumping that money would really stimulate the economy? It's already been offset by the rising price of consumables, which are only going to increase further, so that money isn't going to foster anything.

Answer me this... what REAL effect does dumping $168 billion have on the economy? It doesn't impact consumer behavior and it certainly doesn't impact long-term spending habits. How do you measure a "kickstart" anyway? What are your terms of deeming it successful? Please cite specific examples of how this will help "the economy" rather than talk in broad, high-level terms.

Oh and don't forget the increase in taxes we'll eventually pay to offset the increase in budget deficit this creates!

1 point

Ability to sort debates by newest argument.

Currently I can do Most Heated or Most Recent, neither of which addresses finding debates that have moderate activity that aren't brand new. I like to know what's getting action RIGHT NOW even if it isn't a popular topic.

2 points

No... and that's the problem with the homo-sin debate. Homosexuality may be considered a sin by many religions and while I wouldn't argue against that (because I'm not part of the faith), my opinion about it being right/wrong doesn't hinge on it.

1 point

Of course not. Anyone with half a mind in economics knows it's just a shell game. I hardly have to argue a point when a Nobel prize winning economist does it for me.

I used mine to pay my mortgage... how's that for economic stimulus?

Winning Position: Nature rocks!

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