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RSS Dhruvgupta

Reward Points:19
Efficiency: Efficiency is a measure of the effectiveness of your arguments. It is the number of up votes divided by the total number of votes you have (percentage of votes that are positive).

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1 point

Starbucks coffee is pathetic, too bitter and too much cream.

1 point

Its a fact that your skin is black. Its not a prejudiced view, therefore its a joke not racism

2 points

Basketball hurt my fingers when I was playing, as I am not a good player. Football is quite easier than basketball. Both are fun though.

4 points

Yes, they are effects of religious propaganda, i.e. false studies with no scientific credit

1 point

How do you know there's an afterlife? After death, no one has returned. Even Christ's account are dubious, and is there an afterlife for the common people? No, I think there isn't. When you die, you die. Thats all there is to it. Unfortunately people couldn't swallow this hard truth and thus religion and afterlife come in.

1 point

Furthermore, some maths formulas may not be known to all, which will make it difficult. Uneducated people can't do IQ test, doesn't mean they are not intelligent. On the other hand, chess basic rules can be taught in 10 minutes and anyone can play it. There are no language barriers nor writing issues.

1 point

While it connects people and stuff, the time people spend on social media is ridiculous, and may be countering productivity. Honestly, this is also a social media site, so the majority should be pro. We must ask those who don't use social media for more valid arguments.

1 point

We all have the same biological structure, surely our efficiency is not too different, is it?

1 point

I didn't find any open challenges for 3 days. I don't think this site is online.

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Winning Position: No, IQ test is sufficient
Tied Positions: no not really vs. yes of course

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Name: random namers
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: India

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