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RSS Diebastard

Reward Points:11
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1 point

Talking to yourself again Nom

I (Noumenon/FM) am not Nom (someone else) you retarded hob-goblin.

why not make another appeal to authority?

Your only supporting evidence is a random quote from a random guy who's opinion you presumably value for some reason. This is even worse than an appeal to authority because at least some "authorities" provide some form of mother fucking evidence god damn it. This is why no one responded when you originally posted this, everything you say is mindless, hypocritical and is the type of thing one would expect to leave behind a slimey residue wherever it is present.

1 point

Who "steals arguments" again? That would be you, when you can't devise a properly formulated manifestation of the brain cells (given how few of those you posses) you simply copy and paste the opponents argument and edit it to suit your own retarded butt hole.

2 points

Yeah I am more used to PC myself so phones can be annoying to navigate for me as well. Also typing on a phone is much worse than with a keyboard because it's slow and fucks up your grammar.

When it comes to privacy, the infringements are essentially built into everything now. It's practically impossible to avoid it. I even know from experience that there are algorithms which analyse what you type in forums and chat rooms because I called someone a "bonobo" once and the next page I opened had an ad for a clothing line called Bonobos.

1 point

Okay, well if you're ever up for it I will play.

btw you still getting kik?

1 point

If you trash relihion for toxic masculinity and homophobia, then defend a hroup who is both

I have never once trashed anyone or anything for "toxic masculinity" and both Christianity and Islam (the other group you are presumably speaking of) are objectively homophobic because they teach you that being gay is a sin. I also do not defend Islam, I am just as much against it as any other retarded, barbaric series of superstitions.

3 points

greedy people in our nation who have no direction in life who never work hard for anything

I agree, the bankers, shareholders and politicians etc. who sit back and collect profit stolen from the working class are a bunch of greedy bastards with no purpose but to parasitically leach off of society.

0 points

I own you!

It's not so surprising that you believe that since the bible condones slavery. But seriously how exactly do you "own" anyone here? You are not "owning" anyone as in defeating them, because you're just a brainless fucking retard who bans everyone who disagrees with you. You don't legally own anyone since the days of christians being allowed to own slaves is over, and even if I was your legal property that is literally just a social construct and nobody really can objectively "own" something, especially if that something is capable of smashing your skull and running away from you the second it gets the chance.

2 points

You don't donate to charity.

That's because I barely have any money.

You are what you hate

I am the opposite of what I hate, I am one of the few people who aren't retarded.

You're a little bitch.

I will break your legs and bruise you until you are as crippled and brown as you claim to be, Bronto.

1 point

Do you have a account Nom? Maybe we can play some time. I am not a master though, I guarantee I would beat Jody but I have seen you talking about your chess skills before and you can probably beat me.

0 points

I honestly just wish you would fucking die, I hate you and wish nothing but death and suffering and humiliation on you which is how you feel about Africans.

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Winning Position: extreme stupidity
Winning Position: I own FromWithin
Winning Position: Hopefully if we just ignore Jody's bullshit, he'll eventually go away

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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