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RSS Donald_trump

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1 point

As of right now we as Americans do not respect human rights. In 2017 The United States moved backward on human rights. Trump has targeted refugees and immigrants, calling them criminals and security threats, emboldened racist politics by equivocating on white nationalism, and consistently championed anti Muslim ideas and policies. There is still discrimination in The United States about gay rights and people. If we do partner with them we can influence them to become more of a democracy.

1 point

If you do intervene and Putin does nothing ,that will make him look very weak. He might take this any intervention from the United States and turn it around on us. He is very power hungry so he will not just sit around and take any type of intervention. Doing this could lead to another huge war that would cost trillions of dollars and millions of American lives.

1 point

If we stay out of Russian affairs this will only give them time to build their military and restore its empire. We are already in Russian affairs and we are fighting terrorism and violent extremism. We also have shared interests in nuclear security and nonproliferation. So we are already in Russian affairs and many of them are for the better. So why not continue to be a partner with them?

2 points

The United States should make Russia a partner. If we make them a partner and treat them as a full partner it could encourage democracy on international issues.

Russia and United States are the two most powerful countries in the world. If we do partner with them than we can battle terrorism and drug trafficking. Russia is extremely powerful and is a very important country in international politics.

0 points

Sorry but impeaching has only happened three times throughout history and none of the three have been actually removed from office. The president can send troops to places without a declaration of war so who cares about the war declaration when he can just send troops like the Truman Doctrine and how President Obama sent troops into Libya. And sweetheart not one branch including executive or legislative is responsible for running the government that is why they made checks and balances.

1 point

Can you clarify the second sentence please. It makes absolutely zero sense.

2 points

Executive orders are awesome. We don't need to stupid congress in our business checking these. We can make these without congress's review. These orders are a perfect example of how the executive is more powerful than congress. We can get these orders through the executive branch with no problem. President Obama made many executive orders to get passed congress.

0 points

One way the executive branch is more powerful than congress is Executive Privilege. We can keep anything a secret from congress. Screw those stupid subpoenas. We can only answer to our own branch only. No one cares about congress.

1 point

Why would you take the bill of rights away???

The bill of rights secures the peoples basic rights and privileges. It also reserves any powers not given to the federal government to the states and to the people.

Without the bill of rights the government would become tyrannous!!!

1 point

The strong central government would be selfish. They will vote for policies that better themselves and create laws that help their party. It would end up being like it was before!! We would be under a despotism that we fought so hard to remove ourselves from. It would take away the sovereignty of the states. A strong central government threatens our personal liberties!!!

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