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RSS Dragonmaster

Reward Points:66
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10 most recent arguments.

Why? "cuz he's black!? racist trash............................................................................................................

Rogue Rascal, do not listen to this negative nancy. I am sure you are VERY intelligent.

YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HIM! He could be very smart. He could be an A-student for all you know, and you know what I think: i think YOU are pretty unintelligent, Abby GAYstor

I myself have had a run-in with an alien or two. I walked down the street one time and they were near a store front trying to sell their alien placeboes. well on this particular occasion, i certainly did fancy myself one of them placeboes. As i whipped out my wallet and and got closer to them, they started to busy themselves by packing up their merchandise. i noticed their hustle and began to do the same, but the faster i went, the fasterER they went. soon enough, they had packed up, walked into the nearby store and locked the door. I was pretty confuzzled since i didn't get to buy one of them placeboes. so i walked home contemplating the reasons why they would not want to be near me. many things swirled in my mind but nothing seemed to make sense. I was just like them, i may look a little different but we all are one in the same. perhaps this will be one mystery that i will never solve...

This is a metaphor for racism.

4 points

Finally! some sense being spoken! you hit that nail right on the head. Amen Abe

2 points

Men were here first. women cant control me with that gender equality nonsensical crap! Women were put on God's green earth to assist the man with the cooking and cleaning, not grip them by the cahoonas and squeeze tight. As to the idea that two heads are better than one: all that is saying is that men are better by default. Check mate feminists...checkmate

The Mosaic Law became irrelevant when Jesus came to Earth. he reshaped the laws so that we would not have to follow the old ones. As Christians, we should disagree with homosexualitiy, but never hate the homosexual. that is how Christians should act, but unfortunatley, that is not how most do now days.

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm no. it's for quidditch, numb nuts

Country music because the majority of the genre's songs are either about God, beer, women, fields, or trucks. there is not much diversity.


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About Me

"I know a lot about sharks. I can hold my breath for thirty seconds. I can count to 56."

Biographical Information
Name: A-Aronn Balakey
Gender: Transgender
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: Virgin Islands
Religion: Taoist
Education: Post Grad

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