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RSS Dreamer101

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1 point

I would have to say.... Batman! Because the dude has no powers and he's still badass! Look at the badass villans he has, which makes him even more badass!

Plus..... (Deep voice on) I'm Batman!

Ok so I'm a woman.. so what!? Haha

dreamer101(17) Clarified
2 points

Wooooooah! Dude! The photo is a joke. That is more than obvious. Chill man! No need to get your panties in a riot!

dreamer101(17) Clarified
1 point

Well that's a whole different thing. Not all gays are feminine like not all lesbians are tom boys.

0 points

You are right, we have nothing to die for, as for death s the end of life. Therefor, we have everything to live for. We live because life is our treasure. We live because this is it, as a difference to religious people that live, to then die and "Live forever." So in that case, they live to die. We live because we only get one chance at life.

And by we I mean atheist!

1 point

Personally I can't. But I don't see why others can not. I personally can not believe in what the bible says, little alone what church says. To me its just a very twisted, kind of beautiful story. So no, I could not!

dreamer101(17) Clarified
1 point

How can you say that you are going to teach someone the truth when it's only a theory. Because at the end of the day, every idea about life and where we come from of where we go is just a theory. The creation theory, the big bang theory, the evolution theory, the Buddhist theory. They are all theories with their amount of "evidence" to each. I think that's the problem with humanity, we talk about facts when it's just opinions.

1 point

Why not? If they want to! They can do what the want! If a teenager can smoke pot with nobody bitting their ass, why can's grandmas do it too. That is if they are not forced!

1 point

Morality? No I dont think so. If it is moraly right for a daughter to have sex with her father to get pregnant, then sociaty is messed up (Abraham and his daughters) But the bible does talk about a Jesus that onl wants peace. so I guess that's kind of a nic example if ou think aboout a peaceful Jesus. Otherwise... no!

1 point

In my mind I think evil diesnt exist. Bad does. But bad lives in us as does good. Mandela once said "We are not people born to hate, nor to love. we are taught both. But love comes more naturally than hate." Who says we aren't taught bad and good. A bad and good created by man. I think it's all an illusion created by man to explain think the eye can't.

1 point

Do you not like gay people because of their sexuality or....?

I think you're throwing all gay people in the same bag. It's like a time when man said that "Colored" people wee bad because one had killed another. Just because patatoes and sweat potatoes look alike doesn't mean they are the same. I don't think the issue here is with gay people it self but with people who now who they are and what they want. what is it exactly that bothers you about them?

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