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RSS Drlebronskiv

Reward Points:23
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10 most recent arguments.

Actually a lot of the people disagree with me on but they give votes based on performance not who they agree with the reason you stay here is so you can hide with your white supremacist dogs to help you feel better about being wrong

By depending on my reasoning you mean if i have a good argument you wont respond

In other words your a coward how about hopefully that suits your needs. is pretty much dead so even if you do lose wont be that bad or you can behind a trash debate platform where the debates make no sense and everyone is biased where you can also hide behind other peoples arguments

Ahogill dont be a coward and pretend you dont see this DEBATE ME on i put the link in the description

excon I recommend you go to a way better debate site called its formatted way better and the people there arent losers

Do you realize how stupid your being? This is like explaining sentences to pre k. anyways MOST BLACK PEOPLE ARE POOR AND CANT AFFORD ONE THIS IS A FACT ITS NOT CAUSE they are inferior but because the system oppresses them. If you would like i can explain in depth but then again i dont know if that much knowledge can fit through your thick skull

no.....? anyways i want to have a debate with you on a site that is actually good for debating its called my username is drlebronski the debate will be on whether black people are inferior

First of all im not talking to you second of all democrats do not say blacks are incapable democrats say that the system is holding them back from doing certain things if you were at all educated on the topic you would know but instead you spend your time watching ben shapiro attempt to debunk systemic racism

wtf r u talking about?


I would like to debate you on on if whites are superior to blacks

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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