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RSS Dseuss7

Reward Points:6
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6 most recent arguments.
1 point

khwhy shmank you =P

i LOVE LOVE LOVE follow you into the dark. and i know like alooooootttttto bands and rock artists. skillet is my favorite punk but my favorite punk song, like young punk specifically, would have to be lifestyle of the rich and the famous by good charlotte. pretty up-beat song. i likey. c:

1 point

love the lyrics and messages of both really but A7X is way better. i cant stand the scruff scruff voice of bullet. WHAT ABOUT death cab for cutie?!

1 point

if they are hurting you or someone else at the time. if they aren't necessarily doing anything of offense or requiring defensive action or if they just committed a crime against someone or something then no you have no right to kill them or hurt them.

2 points

this is an ignorant debate topic. god made us EQUAL and even if there IS no god females and males both have talents that make us equal.

1 point

you said it yourself: its hurting OUR bodies, not yours. (not that i do it because I'm clean)and something being 'STUPID' is not a good or reasonable OR respectable argument for anything. it's ignorant and unagreeable with reason.

2 points

heck yea it should. people are gonna do it anyways and all this is doing is putting people in jail and this could actually create more jobs =P. but it should be limited, like alcohol: no drinking and driving, must be sober to work etc. so yea, absolutely it should be legal. like gay marriage. are they afraid of a lack of babies? this world is over populated already. we don't have the resources to sustain our rapidly growing population. i hate to say this but we should also legalize suicide.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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