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RSS Dtrimble

Reward Points:32
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2 points

The reason for God to allow suffering is simple really.

Just as parents have to eventualy let their children make mistakes knowing that the child may suffer as a result in order to prove that the child does not have all the answers...God MUST allow us to suffer our mistakes to prove to US that WE do not have the answers.

1 point

Thats 50 years I think you just proved my point.

Thank you for your response.

1 point


Single syllable, easy to spell, and strong.

It was good enough for Marion Micheal Morrison its good enough for me!

1 point

You can do that?!!!!! Man Where have I been! :)~

Kidding I dont do that

1 point

We are missing the real culprit here folks.

IT IS US!!!!

In the USA the sovereign is The People.

We stood by and allowed politicians for years to use our money to buy votes and favors for themselves.

1 point

ok then.

So do cars, trains, boats, planes, stoves, showers, bathtubs, ....uh wait a sec...did you mean that people can use guns to kill people?

My bad!

1 point

I based my opinions on the history of his actions and decisions.

Also I disagree with your opinions of Bush but then its just my opinion! : )

2 points

Its not so much weather it is on the right or left. I suppose the correct way for me to have put it was one on one extreme and the other on the other extreme.

Thank you for pointing out my error.

1 point

Great response! I like the way you think as well as articulate.

I think many people get wrapped up in these types of included...and argue based on their idea of a "perfect" situation or Utopian societies.

With out saying it we all know that it will never exist.

Great response!

2 points

I was hoping I was close to what you were saying : )

That "pen" has to to pass in 3/4 of the states to ratify a change...doesn't it?

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