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RSS Eccentric

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3 points

This is one of those times when it really depends on the situation. And there are always exceptions.

I know in my life there have been times when I felt that God was saying 'go left' and I wanted to go right. So I worked my tail off trying to go right but never really went anywhere.

But on the flip side, I can pray for hours asking God to send more clients to my business but most of the time the answer to my prayer wasn't a phone call from out of the blue from someone wanting my services. Rather, my answer is usually God leading me to 'do' something. And when I've obeyed and done it, I've gotten the new clients I was asking for.

So really, I say they go hand in hand. Pray first, then get off your duff and go do whatever it is that God tells you to do.

My $.02 worth anyway.

1 point

At this point I really think this race is going to be too close to call... a lot closer than what most Dems want to admit. But I believe there are enough undecided voters in the country that are smart enough to ignore the liberal media and just look at facts which plainly show that our economy was fine until the Democrats took over Congress.

4 points

Actually what makes it so bad isn't that they aren't informed. It's that they aren't informed but think they are.

And the media... well, the media is just a joke. I have yet to find a media source that isn't biased to some degree. And I've seen this in every presidential election since I was old enough to start paying attention. The media picks their favorite and does everything they can to help that person out. Even if they don't come out and say, "We're voting for XXXXX" they just refuse to cover stories that make that candidate look bad, while spending far too much time trying to make the other candidate look bad.

8 points

Who said the makers of the video were trying to add to the national dialogue? Why does everything invovling politics have to be so serious?

3 points

Energy crisis or not, nuclear power is too great a risk, especially with the threats of terrisem in todays world. And to top it off, there's still no easy answer to the question of 'how do we dispose of the waste?'

No, we should put that time and effort into building green energy sources that are truly green.

2 points

Currently we have an energy crisis looming, yet we haven't built any new power plants in who knows how long. Every time we try to build a power plant someone is offended and the whole project is put into jeopardy due to politics.

The people who build nuke plants are put in the situation of having to invest nearly decade into getting the permits and clearance needed to just break ground on a new plant. I believe that the permitting process needs to be cut down to where it takes less than two years (less than a year would be ideal) so that we can get some new plants online sometime this generation.

2 points

It's not a matter of a quick fix. We won't be free of foreign oil overnight no matter what we do. It's going to take time and multiple administrations. Right now we just need someone to get the ball rolling. Lifting the ban will take years to produce a drop of oil. However, the longest journey starts with a single step and I think this would be a step in the right direction.

-3 points
3 points

I don't believe the government, whether it be local, state, or national, should have the right to require me to wear a seat belt.

Some will claim that my right ends where other's rights begin. To which I ask for proof that people who don't wear seat belts have more accidents than those who do. Until that is proven I see no logical reason for the government to interfere in this area.

However, having been in accidents myself and worked accidents (when I was in law enforcement) I highly recommend that people wear their seat belts.

3 points

I don't see anywhere in the constitution that says we have a 'right' to health care. I think this would be yet another step toward a socialist government and away from the Republic that our forefathers created.

And, like ThePyg said, our government has a really crappy record when it comes to running businesses.

About Me

"Just a 30-something southern guy. I am a Christian (evangelical, even). I've been married for 14 years now. I have four daughters (and am going bald!). I have spent time in law enforcement but currently own my own web dev company. When it comes to politics my general response is whatever keeps the federal government smaller and out of my business (and pocket)."

Biographical Information
Name: Jeremy Weiss
Gender: Male
Age: 44
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Postal Code: 78217
Education: Some College
Websites: My Blog
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Via IM: imwebgambit

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