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RSS Einhander

Reward Points:19
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

we need to completely map and understands what each strand represents before doing any of that.

i agree that prudence is required ( but it's definitely yes in the long run )

1 point

yes, it's a legal contract between two people to a common purpose. totally voluntary of course.

1 point


what's the difference between abortions and killing? they're both justifiable when necessary.

suppose you're right that every woman who does abortions are slutty Why don't you adopt their children? or at least pay for their education until college? since you hold life so sacred, isn't that the best solution?

or are you only interested in making someone keep their baby against their will? no matter the circumstances?

let's face it... you don't have compassion for sluts, nor for murdering babies

1 point


what needs to be done is to educate people and create awareness on what they're eating

businesses will always supply something people wants. If people wants something else that's healthier, businesses will be motivated to supply that instead.

0 points

yet we scientific improvement every day whenever we buy phones, ride cars, make comments on this website. We cannot observe GOD in such a way

4 points

you need to read up on evolution AND creationism first, before making a comment like that.

creationism is so silly that it's blatantly transparent and fake to any intelligent person out there

1 point

it doesn't matter

but it may be beneficial to their future social life in christian communities ( if christianity still exists by the time they grew up )

5 points

faith is: belief despite lack of proof

atheism is the position of NOT believing god/s exist

atheism is the position of rejecting claims that god/s exist, due to a lack of evidence

2 points

no supernatural beings are ever proven to exist

not god

nor demon

1 point

it is a cultural treasure that should be introduced to the next generation.

it is as beneficial as sport

it builds character the way only very few sports can ( pain teaches you a lot of things )

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