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RSS Elgiza

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0 points

Yes I agreee. We should remember about moral principles, about other people. It is so awful!!!!!!!!!!!

1 point

But it influence on other people, next generation. Imagine that our children would be gays. Is it cool??? Nooooo. Personally, I don't wan tmy child to ba a gay.

1 point

Except marriage in church. They haven't right to marry in church or mosque.

1 point

Love doesn't long forever. If now you love a person the same gender, you love will go away in some years, but you will lose respect in the other's eyes.

1 point

I disagree with you. Not just genes influence your orientation, upbringing and environment do it also. Some boys, for example, had a lot of problems during their childhood, that is why they are gays. May be some peopleeeeeeee who were sitting at prison and were very week become gays too, but there is no gay genes in their organism.

0 points

Yes, I know, scientists found "gay genes", which influence on sexual orientation, but if you feel you like a person who are the same gender as you, you may do an operation and become a girl. It will be better, because it is so awful to see boys, who should be strong and protecting, and they are like flowers.

0 points

Why do you think they do not do anything bad? And what about moral principles? What about our childre, who are looking at them and want to be like them. Is it Ok?? I think No!

1 point

If all expressions of feelings and emotions would be considered as art, it would be chaos. According to you argument,I may considere myself as an artist, because I draw stupid pictures, expressing my emotions. But are my pictures considered as an art?? Of course, No

1 point

And also there was a lot of meanings, and the medieval art is very famous today too.

1 point

Everything depends on people's choices and views. Somebody likes modern arts, somebody don't. I belong to second category. I can't consider the modern art as an art. I can't understand it. I understand the works of medieval artists better. Real art could change the views of watchers, sometimes save their life. Did you read tho OHenry's story Last Leaf? There is a real masterpiece.

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Winning Position: God doesn't exist.
Winning Position: Yes, it's needed.

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