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RSS Elijah1

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1 point

Vampires are satanic... werewolves are myths... but I don't get about how a human transforms into one...

1 point

It is as nice as it is. If we change it, it won't be that special anymore, because our so-called mascot has changed... Does that mean we change how we give presents to, or how we wrap them up? 'Cause that'll be funny...

1 point

It helps set restrictions for those youngsters so that when they are older, they will know how to draw the line.

1 point

Most children under 18 are not mature yet and so it is unsafe for them to use it. Although it may be a good networking tool to connect and communicate, it may also be abused if misused. An example of this is cyber bullies tend to frequent it a lot as all they need to do is to make sure they do not divulge their real name and it is not easy to trace down the person who made the taunt.

2 points

Ask yourself this question, why is my body made of such? Why are your eyes shaped like that? The reason is because God made you of such, as everybody is a special child of God in his eyes. Although there are twins on this earth, they still have differences, like their thumbprints and stuff like that. Do you think you are a coincidence with the big bang theory? Or did we evolve from MONKEYS!!!AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! So think about this, and think what reason you were made for.

1 point

Yeh, he raped and killed all those women and girls... what a waste of talent that he could have used. And it all started with watching pornography

2 points

those sentenced to death penalty have no 2nd chance to learn from his mistake, and whatever he did, his life should not be taken as it would cause grief to his family.

1 point

Alex Feurgeson changes little tennage football noobs into soccer stars. And man u practically does not need to spend on anything except defenders

2 points

Ask yourself this question, Are instructions boring? Mostly yes, right? Just like instructions, the BIBLE is actually a set of acronyms i think, and to me it reads, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. So basically the bible is a set of instructions on what we should do to go to heaven and not receive 2nd death, which is throwing that person into the lake of fire. It's up to you on how you want to interpret the acronyms of the bible, but I think this will be how I define it.

1 point

you can earn money without a good degree... so why waste time going to up and try starting your own business, though you most likely fail. examples of people who dont study but earn cash are cleaners, or some other low-payed job

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Winning Position: What is the thing you like most? Please Explain...
Winning Position: HELL YEAH! I LOVE SCHOOL!!

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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