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RSS Emmanir

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1 point

I don't like to blame the others in thinking the way they do regarding the issue at hand. It is probably due to their lack of knowledge of the Christian scripture. As can be clearly known in the scripture, God created man and gave him the "Free Will" from the start. Because of that "free will", Adam, who is the first man, sinned when he followed his will instead of obeying God's command not to eat the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. The reason why there is so much evil in mankind today is because many men today follow their will instead of God's will. Since I strictly practice and obey the doctrines of Christ to the letter, I support the "YES" view.

1 point

In the first place, what really is Christianity? Are they what they claim as the religions who carry with them the name of Christ to where the name Christians was derived? If we will scrutinize the scriptures, even Jesus Christ gave a stern warning that there will be many who will claim his name as it is happening now. Let us take for example the Catholics which is the largest denomination. How can they claim that they are Christians when they do not follow or obey all the doctrines of Jesus. One glaring instance is on the issue of idolatry. They have many pagan practices, so how can they consider themselves to be Christians? The Real & True Christians are those who follow & obey ALL the doctrines of Christ even to the smallest detail. NO doctrines must come from inventions of Men. Now, is there such a religion as CHRISTIANS? There is, & that is the Church of God, which was established by God himself.

1 point

There are only two (2) sexes created by God, the male and the female gender. An individual is given by God a "free choice". Homosexuality is a person's personal choice, so why forbid them in exercising their right?


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