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1 point

I don't think you're responsible for their death - the person who caused them to be in the drowning in the first place is responsible. The most you are responsible for is not saving them. You can still be called a bad person for not saving the life, but you aren't responsible for their death.

1 point

definitely, who wouldn't need a secret underground bunker? it'd be cool for just doing whatever without being interrupted, and if there's any danger i could just disappear

1 point

It will if we carry on the way we're going. After Brexit, the UK will most likely have stricter border control and harsher immigration laws, but there's a lot of uncertainty around that, as the amount of Muslims are already quite high.

As of April last year, in the UK, there were almost 3.5 million Muslims, not including those in care homes/prisons/council houses. This makes it the second largest religion. Of course, this is nowhere near Christianity, but Muslims tend to be more devout in their faith, with the vast majority of Christians not attending Church/just calling themselves Christian.

Some European countries are more likely to become Muslim. For example, Belgium, where 2/3 of people would describe the immigration as an invasion, but won't do anything about it as their news/media portrays this view as xenophobic. 7/10 believe Muslims want to impose their way of life.

In Germany, the median age of Muslims is significantly lower than non-muslims, even compared to other European countries, and the amount of children they're having is much higher. If the amount of Muslim immigration were to continue at the same rate, almost 20% of Germany's population would be Muslim.

Although Muslims may not 'take over' as such, they will hold a significant amount of political/social power compared to other groups, and will no doubt change the culture and values in all of Europe - with some affected more than others, but every single European country has been affected by Islam, and each country's culture will continue to change.

1 point

Yes but then what do you do if you find someone with a gun, or a bomb? Politely ask them to be nice? Chances are, that won't work and they'd just kill you

erin_r(39) Clarified
1 point

I think they mean because 77-96% of young children who think they're transgender end up not being transgender

1 point

the distress is often from others who have yet to understand the world around them.

If I was unclear, the distress I was referencing was the distress caused by the belief that you are in the wrong body and are uncomfortable being the gender you are. It is similar to the type of distress someone with body dysmorphia might experience - it's the distress of feeling like something's wrong.

this is often caused by other people who have yet to turn their brains on

There are high rates of suicide among transgenders both before and after hormone treatment/surgeries. If what you're saying is true - that transgenders become suicidal solely based on other's reactions towards them - then it wouldn't make sense for suicide rates to drop immediately after surgery (a point where they may not pass as cisgendered), and then increase again a few years later, when they would most likely not be recognised as trans.

In San Francisco there is a 50% attempted suicide rate among young transgender people. In England, 48% have attempted suicide. In Australia, Japan and India there are similar statistics. Are we to say that in each of these places, transgenders are treated with the exact same amount of disrespect? Are we going to say that transgenders in San Francisco are treated the same as transgenders in India?

There are many reasons people could be transgender - we aren't 100% sure. Some transgender people have the opposite gender's makeup of white matter, which is why I would say transgenders should be allowed surgery as it could be beneficial, and I believe that is a choice an adult can make for themselves.

However, some have problems in the areas of the brain associated with body dysmorphia and severe depression. In these cases, the person transitions, believing that will solve their problem, but they still have to deal with the fact that they are biologically a different gender. This then of course makes it clear that they do have a mental illness that, unfortunately, we don't have a way of eliminating.

The links between being transgender and having severe depression become quite clear when you look at the statistics. 6.7% of the general US population have severe depression, compared to an estimated 26% of the transgender community.

If this isn't enough to convince you that not being accepted isn't the only reason transgenders are prone to suicides, a study in India concluded that only around 15% of their suicides could have been directly caused by their family's refusal to accept them, which still leaves the suicide rates significantly higher than normal.

Maybe I haven't made it clear, but I do believe that for a large amount of transgender people, surgery and hormones could be the best option, and they have a right to pursue this treatment - however we can't deny the fact that there are underlying mental problems that cause this and, for some transgenders, they still feel the effects of these even after surgery. Transgenders should be treated as humans, and I am incredibly sympathetic to anyone suffering. But to deny the fact that there are mental issues is an insult to people who have gender dysphoria.

Transgenderism has been declassified as a mental disorder by the World Health Organization last year.

Have we not considered the reasons this could've been changed? It has become more common to accept being transgender as something trivial, like sexuality, so it is understandable that they would declassify it in the wake of the transgender pride movement.

But if that can be a reason to believe there is nothing abnormal about being transgender, then the fact that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders lists gender dysphoria could be a reason to disagree.

1 point

"(Remember) when your Lord inspired the angels, "Verily, I am with you, so keep firm those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved, so strike them over the necks, and smite over all their fingers and toes." - Chapter 8:12

1 point

no, why would we ban them? Yes people can get hurt, but people can get hurt from falling off of a ladder? I have a trampoline in my garden that my siblings (6,9,13) use all the time. Just tell people to not be idiots and let them go on a trampoline

1 point

It depends what you class as transgender. If they have a penis, and you're a man, then yes.

1 point

I don't think transgender is 'normal' or 'okay', as it is a mental illness that should be treated as such. However, it is isn't good to call someone a freak for something, especially if it's something they don't control.

Winning Position: Society is becoming more divided

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