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1 point

Kota said: -There is no need of a god, the universe may have simply started from a chain reaction of universes collapsing into a space-time singularity and then re-expanding due to entropy.

So you already have "universes collapsing", why need to have them collapse to create your imaginary universe, when you already have all these bubble-in a bubble universes, .. know what I mean?

No need of gods, I agree, way too many of them out there. But to avoid 'infinite regress', we need a Creator, right? Not a created creator like all them gods we have, but A-Creator, or more specifically The uncreated Creator, .. and what do you know, we have found Him right there in the Bible:

Infinite and Eternal "I Am"

Now I'm not talking about a god who goes on infinitely, but that Infinite Is God.

If Infinite is God, He has to be the Only Possible One, since Infinite is borderless and you cannot put anything next to or besides Him. I mean where would you put another being or thing if Infinite has no borders?

1 point

That's easy, even Evolutionists deny that "evolution", specifically speciation even happens. Show me ONE Evolutionists that believes, or claims that "speciation" happens?

I don't care if it's a million or a billion years ago, show me ONE Evolutionists that ever claimed that "evolution/speciation happens"?

But please, don't leave this site, I would not like that. How about that you will become a Believer in your Creator if I prove to you that evolution never happens, nor has it ever happened, and no one ever claimed it happened?

1 point

Since time is imaginary, means we would get more hours in a day.

We could make the clock a 48-hour one, or last 100 sun-ups and sun-downs, all we would do is make "a day" 100 (todays day) long.

1 point

It's called a "missing link" for a reason, .. mainly because, first, it never existed. Second, in real science you have to go by observation, so since Evolution, specifically "speciation" never happens, the "missing-link" is like "pixy-dust", missing from reality. And since reality is the only place we can do science, this "missing-link" cannot be a scientific discussion, .. right?

Winning Position: Show how it happens?

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