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RSS Fathermacdog

Reward Points:5
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3 points

I take back what I said about you being a fat nerd I read some of your other arguments and they are verry good sorry man,

2 points

Desk tops are best they have every thing better but you can carry a laptop that is one up to one million downs desk tops are all round better considering all the up sides to laptops all I could think of was compatibility but it has no mouse wich is another cost of $20 to buy one. By the way your argument is invalid swing as you argument I based around man hore jokes I bet your just a fat it nerd. I'm just saying.

1 point

i think he is a boy not exluding the point that he is gay you cant say he is a gay and then a call him a girle it is just contridicting yourself he is a gay boy ps fisher sucks at dibating

2 points

this web site is not for putting up petty questions it is for geting into a debate and having a good argument i hate it when people put up these crap debates

2 points

no he just wishes he could be good enough to be a troll he is just an anoying kid i spit gutter water on

2 points

Time travel is a thing people think about and is said to be nothing but a fantasy but I disagree I think time travel is fully possible anything that has happened can of course be revisited yet very difficult because of the layers of time and Dementions in space it is so hard that Manny people put it in the category impossible but that is just the same as rounding 5 to the nearest 10 you get a answer but not the correct answer.

3 points

Yeah pretty shore every one is hating on you right now by the way nice argument I forget your name but your a legend

1 point

i think that vilance is often a bag thing but it can be an all right thing at a yong age but when you get older it is not a verry god habit to be in for children or fellow people

3 points

i think justin beber is a fag and deservs no whrites he has a flirt coach an he did nothing but drag usher down usher could have been at the top without him usher deservs rights not beber

-2 points
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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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