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1 point

don't you know about geothermal? it's the best solution to solve energy crisis than nuclear power because scientifically proven that geothermal not causing Pollution or any gas emition and do you know? it can produce 90% electricity

2 points

it's right if we say " people can't know if he is " but we can fell it we can feel the protection from god, etc. it just like air, we can feel it but we can't see it.thank you

1 point

its wrong if we say "ALL OF THE MUSLIMS". the right one is most of terrorists is come from Islam religion. thank you

1 point

and not only that. if say about human resources, it still can be repaired. with make a program which train Indonesians people be a good person.what about natural disaster? only GOD can repaired it

1 point

you give the not logic argument with say "Natural disasters is NOT a base to determine which country is good to be placed or not". why? because in this world no one want to survive in the place that often to get disaster.their live will be not calm. why? because if there is a disaster, they must move to the save place.and start their live from beginning. they must hard working to build their live from zero again.

4 points

violence always wrong. why?because it just give bad effect for us as the gamers. its can evidenced by there are so many people especially kids do violent to their friends just because a trivial problem that can be make murder case. violent in video games just teach us how to smack people.that right if we say it can be teach us how to protect our self , but its not the great way. so, how we learn how to protect our self?we can join club which is teach us how to protect our self. for example :karate club , etc.

-2 points
0 points

yes. it's very very wrong. why because is violate god's rules. and for what be a homosexual, the amount of women is more than the amount of man in this world. it's mean still there are so many girls that we can marry. thank you

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