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RSS Filiasan

Reward Points:46
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1 point

Video game characters can portray pain. They can not actually feel pain. They are not living, breathing, feeling beings (reason why I didn't add "human", most of the characters I tend to play are not).

1 point

This debate is retarded. That's all I have to say. I'll be over there laughing at you. (And, no, I'm not liberal.)

1 point

Shoes that make feet sweat can't be that comfortable, anyway.

1 point

Only if they had lumps and bulges in places that don't look attractive, then I'd know they have imperfect bodies like mine.

But, on second though, $100 is way too much for a crumby shirt.

1 point

Money can buy me happiness. Even if it can't, it can buy me security. It's not fun not knowing when your next paycheck will be coming.

1 point

Poor people are easier to steal from. Thieves are attracted to a sure thing. The payout may be smaller, but the drawbacks are fewer. Not to mention, a poor person would suffer more from being victimized. Because they have less, every little thing is more.

1 point

Most people do. The reason why humans are more important than animals is because we have the ability to reason. We also have the "gift" of "evil". This makes us more important in all the wrong ways.

1 point

I'm not procreating, so why should I care? Although, I do think that we're heading in the way of "Idiocracy". So, maybe I do care a little.

1 point

My answer wasn't up there, but at least you have a choice close to it. I think that the person doing the asking should do the paying. It's courteous.

1 point

Treat 'em nice, unless you want a toy. Fake women go for that crap.

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About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Valerie Parker
Gender: Female
Age: 44
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Postal Code: 23321

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