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1 point

seriously get over it. Someone put that there would be less child molestors if prostitution was legalized, i disagreed. I'm saying it shouldn't because we a humans are already near moral bankruptcy.

1 point

I was replying to someone elses thing, so get a grip. It doesn't always stay in view.

1 point

really what's with this breaking apart everything i put down, just restate your opinion. And then, shut the hell up.

1 point

That's funny, but that certainly wasn't what i was talking about. We as different races segregate ourselves as well. We stay with our "people", and live the same way. If a white person has a job available they would sooner give it to the same person of their race, even if the other person was equally (or more) classified for the job.

1 point

Violent movies dont have the same effect, beacause then there would be more people going around shooting everyone simply because they've seen a violent film. Porn does mess you up though, even adult porn. Just as drugs mess you up, porn has addicted many, and makes many want to act out said fantasies. And what if that person is watching child porn, they will want to act out the fantasies.

1 point

You dont need to simply cuss to be disdainful toward someone, and i read your disdain clearly. And you are full of it, you are trying to appease the child you seem to think i am by writing this nonsense. And by righteousness i mean standing up for what is right, and you cant say you're okay with pedophiles and then say you are standing up for something. And when i put that you seem to think that i am standing up for a cause, i am saying you were correct.

By scrutinizing everything i wrote, it shows that you really dont care about what you yourself have to say. I dont care about you reading back everything i wrote, that gives me little insight on your opinion, except it shows me that you put yourself on a pedestal. You try to put me down with your SUPPOSED superior intelect. instead of telling me something i dont know, you analyze my grammar and proper word usage. Get over yourself.

1 point

what are you, a skinhead. Did you live in the time of Martin Luther King Jr., did you know his family. May your words die fast, and may the world be rid of another hateful (and obviously) racist person.

1 point

Making a positive change, to me, makes him a good man. For those that prefer inequality, and seperatism, he wasn't viewed as being the good man he was. And what proof do you have of him sleeping around? Is this judgement simply because he is black. Even if he did, he did more good than harm.

"To err is human, to forgive is divine." ~Alexander Pope

Even if he did the things claimed, it is not for us to forgive, but for the people he hurt to forgive. But, he surely didn't hurt the black community, only the sensibilities of the racists.

0 points

They let hate lead them instead of common sense. Thoughts about how to truly beat all, flew out the window when they decided to senselessly kill Jews and others. So in the end they were stupid, their motives to destroy stronger than their desire to conquer.

2 points

What benefit does it have. The harm may not be physical, but viewing anything distasteful is harmful to menatl well-being.

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Winning Position: welcome to the real world
Winning Position: Segregation still exists

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