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RSS Firefox12345

Reward Points:3
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3 points

Girls are getting more and more powerful over the boys. But once the boys become men, they have the right to do this to the women. If men was to kill the women, it will be a piece of cake. Seperate the land, take all the women who like men, and bomb a nuclear bomb shower on the girl's country. Let's see who wins. Before in Ireland, a viking could just grab his wife and throw her into the water to be eaten. In Greece, men could stab the women or releash the women to the prison. Men are more powerful. Men are the first evolution of human beings. We could run faster and have more muscles. Boys rule!

2 points

Of course! Terrorists have been taking over America for the past 3 hundred years!

-1 points

It is a myth. No one knows. But, according to the myth, yes.

2 points

Humans have more skill and weapons! So the humans of course! A worgen might be stronger, but pretend. A human is a skilled ninja. The worgen is a strong but a bit slow samurai. The ninja wins!

1 point

Of course! Christianity isn't the best! Christianity is very bad.

2 points

Yes! Indeed very fun! FUN! At the same time very funny. Brainy, Grumpy, Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Handy, Timber, Miner, Jokey, Farmer, Hefty, Painter, Lazy, and Greedy!

1 point

Thanks for your judgment. Yes, lot's think it's not a sport. On the other hand, It is a sport. Playing yoyos keep you active.

-1 points

stupid india they actually really suck. so, BOO INDIA BOO!

0 points

shooting bullets is WAY stronger than getting near and stab. So, GO PEN!

2 points

Yes! P.S. yoyo Phonton Spirit S is the best! Spins forever!

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Winning Position: Human
Winning Position: Yoyo is a sport
Winning Position: It's a sport

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