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RSS Funkyfrog199

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10 most recent arguments.

ive got it!!! Obama should stop giving money to Israel because they dont follow the Geneva connventions. This is ziniosm and is nto fair!!! poor palestines are dying say by day!!!!! Hamas is not a terrorist organizatiom, it s as elescted by the people. and plus on december 27 hamas realessed like home made rockets killing like what 4 ppl in isrreal? while isreal killed MANY!!! Think about 1948 the Israelites had started america cares about is whats going on now n they think thats how it started off, Hamas bombing Israel on december 27. W/E, god help palestine

there is no proof that hamas is a terrorist organiztion, even if it is, they are trying to get theyre rights back from israel, for godesake

Im wrintinig a letter to obama but i cant be specifaclly on one side ill have to take prt of both sides

wow none of these ^^ books i have hear dof. I like pride and prejudice i also like twilight and the sisterhood of the traveling still i nmiddle school lol

obama and gaza? please provide easy and simply writeen answers/responses(im young i dont undersatnd huuuge words)..thanks!!!

yea its a n assignment

2 points

Whatever happened in the past might not even be true. I am not in favor of Isreal or Plaestine because I feel this is totallyl wrong..!!! Isreal should still stop attaking Palestine

7 points


3 points

Of course not! i JUST did a debate on this and I won if u want i could give u key points!!

I've read the book but i want to write a GOOD letter to the author but i need a good intro. can u help me?

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Tied Positions: withdraw support of Israel vs. Put up or shut up
Tied Positions: Where to begin vs. What is this about
Winning Position: YES!YES! YES!

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