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RSS Fuzzyfire

Reward Points:12
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10 most recent arguments.
3 points

I have both but dogs a trainable, they can save people's lives, be a best friend, a guid and heroes all in one furry package they are amazing with the right care, love and traing.

2 points

I like on Mt. rainier its snowing alll the time and i hate the heat (though i was born in LA) But the winter is better, the cool breeze is awesome. Its also christmas time everyone is happy and into the gift- giving mood, i like thanksgiving more though, and new years is cool to.

3 points

ya tails is so better and i dont understand why lugigi is there at all:

and also tails has powers and lugigi doesn't

1 point

Sorry bowser but im going to say Dr. eggmen/ robotnik is batter, to be honest i think metal sonic is the best, i love that whole anti- thing lolz.

But eggman has better plans and ACTAULLY wants to take over the world and bowser just wants Peahc's heart mostly.

1 point

i agree kurby is all cutie and no fight. On super smash bros. braul when he takes (sucks sonic up and absorbs a power) he just gets sonic' quils and thats it nothing else. Sonic would beat him bad. Though i thought we all hated mario hear not kurby.

1 point

Maybe sally i hate amy at least sally doesnt bug sonic alot she is kinda busy but thats what she does, amy is go girly and well just not as cool.

1 point

As much as i like them both i think supere sonic is better, he is playable in alot of games and ive only seen super shadow in sonic adnvanture 2 battle

1 point

sonic rocks and mario sucks that;s it end of story! There is nothing more to say then this and this only.

4 points

Hello sonic is faster, and stronger, then any over weight human that only fights by jumping on people. Sonic couls beat Nario blind folded.

6 points

Sonic is awesome the games are, cool, i agree mario games are kiddie games, the music sucks too! Sonic has way cool charactors and there are alot of them not the same old same old, ive loved sonic all my life, SEGA does rock for creating him. sonic can kill mario throw him across the room and shove him in a trash can, Tail can beat lugigi down also!

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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