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1 point

I would not agree as it would feel like an invasion of privacy. I don't think it would be for the government to have an easy way to check up on you wherever you go and whatever you do. For convicted felons this may be a good solution to control them, but not for average citizens.

3 points

Although, I don't think he really deserved to win the Nobel Peace prize, its difficult to find any other candidates who deserve it more. Its true he is still the commander of forces engaged in war but I think, like another poster mentioned, that he has to most potential to make peace in the world. Another, strong point in his favor is the celebrations and rejoicing of the whole world after his election.

1 point

Yes, and Wikipedia is also a good source for big facts. When one gets into the details it may be better to go to a more credible source.

2 points

I think Christian Bale's character was tougher because not only did he have to cut off his finger to continue his trick, but had to sacrifice his family life. Jackman's character was a tool and a hack. People say he had to go in knowing he was going to drown but actually he was going to live so that argument seems weak.

1 point

It seems rather pointless because new arguments are being added all the time. This would mean that the rating was only valid at the time of rating, and the number of points acquired by a debate almost acts as a kind of rating system anyway.

1 point

I don't believe one should always listen to one's parents but more respect their opinion and experience. One should discuss their ideas and decisions with one's parents at a young age but after reaching about 20 or so, it becomes one's own responsibility to make the decisions. That said, consultation can be useful and they may steer you away from a poor set of decisions.

1 point

It seems that the Notebook is generally a better deal than the Netbook. The Notebook, you get more power, more screen and a larger keyboard for only about 30-40% more. The Netbook is really nice for travel but the Notebook also works for travel and can generally do more. If one travels for more than four weeks a year, the Netbook may be worth while.

1 point

This is really a matter of personal taste, but for me, the LOTR series was much better. It involved an awesome storyline, masterfully extracted from the book, with actors who matched their characters extremely well. To me, it seems that this was more difficult to create and the end product was better.

2 points

Not that I really disagree with your argument, but more to play devil's advocate- cigarettes have not other value than to get a buzz and "look cool". One could argue that food and cars have other uses than just a rush and looking good. It seems like the pictures would be very effective to prevent people from smoking or make them quit with no loss to society as a whole. I think the surgeon general's warning is a minimum.

3 points

Nuclear power should not be used for two reasons. Firstly, because there are alternate sources of energy, which we have not fully taken advantage of but still can with more technological advancement. Secondly, nuclear power produces radioactive waste which we have not successfully disposed of without danger of radioactive contamination to the disposal region.

There is too large a risk in the long run to depend on nuclear power, especially when we have an energy source as great as the sun, not yet fully utilized by humans today.

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Winning Position: Christian Bale's character
Tied Positions: Notebook vs. Netbook
Tied Positions: David Letterman vs. Jay Leno

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